MADISON, WI – Michael Haas, interim administrator of the Wisconsin Elections Commission, today issued the following statement:

Based on my prior visits with many legislators and my ongoing work with their staffs, I was very surprised to receive the letter last night from Senator Fitzgerald and Speaker Vos. I appreciate that the bipartisan members of the Elections Commission have unanimously supported my continuing to lead the elections agency. I am proud of everything our staff has accomplished over the past 18 months. We successfully managed the transition of the agency, implemented the photo ID law, launched online voter registration, and assisted both voters and local election officials during the General Election as well as the only statewide recount of the Presidential vote completed in the nation. As we get ready for 2018, there is much more we need to do to secure our election systems and ensure fair and accurate elections. I look forward to continuing the important work of administering elections on behalf of all Wisconsin residents and taxpayers, and I call on the Legislature to support that work.

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