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Last Friday, Rep. Scott Allen (R-Waukesha) issued a press release regarding the Daily Fantasy Sports Bill (LRB 2122), a bill proposing to “legalize” and “regulate” Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) games. In his release, Representative Allen stated: “It is fantasy to believe that one has the skill to accurately predict outcomes of future events. Fantasy sports are games of chance and not, as some would suggest, games of skill. Placing a financial wager on a game of chance is gambling. Gambling in Wisconsin, with some constitutional exceptions, is illegal.”

“When the practices of an industry are as dishonest as that of the gambling industry, the talking points they offer are just as dishonest,” said Julaine Appling, president of Wisconsin Family Action. “The point of this DFS bill is to give the appearance of regulation and create the impression this is being done on behalf of consumers. However, no consumer protection groups are advocating for DFS. Only the industry itself is advocating for ‘legalizing’ and ‘regulating’—a situation which should give any lawmaker pause. What industry has ever sought to regulate itself?”

Representative Allen also suggests that it doesn’t make sense to regulate something that is currently illegal, and while the debate on this issue is both timely and relevant, he asserts the debate “should be about a constitutional amendment that would expand gambling in the state of Wisconsin.”

“Finally, a legislator who wants to engage in an honest conversation about Daily Fantasy Sports. Representative Allen’s statement demonstrates responsible leadership in our state legislature. Rather than put our state at risk of a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the proposed DFS legislation, his approach represents both the best interest of the state and its citizens,” said Lorri Pickens, Executive Director of Citizens Against Expanded Gambling.

Citizens Against Expanded Gambling and Wisconsin Family Action, in partnership, have been actively urging legislators not to co-sponsor this bill and not to support any legislation that would expand gambling in Wisconsin. The groups have also enlisted significant citizen support and involvement.

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