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MADISON, WI – Wisconsin Family Action (WFA) joined national ally Family Policy Alliance and our network of 40 state-based family groups, representing hundreds of thousands of families across the country, in sending a letter to President Trump asking him to make good on his campaign promise to protect religious freedom.

President Trump has an opportunity to do this by signing an Executive Order to that effect.

This Executive Order is good, lawful public policy that reinforces existing religious freedom protections in law and affirms that President Trump’s administration will respect the religious freedom rights of all Americans.

The letter, delivered to both the President and Vice President, cites the passage of Obamacare and the HHS mandate, other discriminatory practices by the previous administration, and the numerous small business owners who have been negatively affected by the push to keep people of faith out of the public square.

Wisconsin Family Action and its network of family policy organizations has been working to protect families, religious organizations and charities, and churches from systemic government-endorsed discrimination. WFA is the only organization in the state that has the protection of religious freedom as a part of its mission and works with attorneys and others to ensure religious freedom flourishes in The Badger State

“As our Founders knew, religious freedom is linked to every other freedom, which is why we should be committed to defending our First Freedom—religious liberty,” says Julaine Appling, WFA president. “Collectively our voices ask President Trump to take steps to ensure all Americans can live, work and worship freely according to according to the dictates of our faith and conscience.”

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