May 31, 2017 – MADISON, WI – Today Wisconsin Firearm Owners testified in favor of the
Constitutional Carry bill during the State Senate hearing on the proposal.

The bill would allow Wisconsin residents to carry a weapon in a concealed manner without first obtaining a permit from the government. Current law in Wisconsin already allows citizens to openly carry a weapon without a permit.

Wisconsin Firearms Owners President Mike Stewart, who is also a Federal licensed firearms dealer, spoke at length about the merits of the bill:

“Six years ago, opponents of Wisconsin’s concealed carry law predicted that it would turn our state into the Wild West. All the statistics show that it this prediction did not happen. Now those same people want you to believe that this bill will do the same. Other states that have adopted constitutional carry show that, again, this will not happen.

“People will seek out training on their own. I see this every day as people come in to purchase a firearm. We don’t need government mandated training.”

Stewart also noted that the bill does not change current law that criminals are prohibited from buying or possessing a gun. “Thugs don’t listen to the rules already, but now responsible citizens will be better able to exercise their right to defend themselves.”

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