Wisconsin for Public Lands today announced that they had launched a radio ad campaign across Speaker Paul Ryan’s Congressional District. The ad highlights Ryan’s support for President Trump’s recent executive order reviewing National Monuments created through the Antiquities Act.

Wisconsin for Public Lands issued the following statement:

“Our Public lands are under unprecedented attacks. Congress has already voted to make it easier to sell off public lands and the Trump Administration just signed an order that could result in millions of acres of public lands going up for sale.

Speaker Paul Ryan has supported these moves and has appointed Representative Rob Bishop as Chair of the U.S. House Committee on Natural Resources. He’s unapologetic in his work to end funding for our shared public lands and dismantle the foundation of this great American legacy. His goal is simple – remove all federal funding at all costs, even if that means closing parks or selling them to the highest bidder. This is unbelievably short sighted and foolish.

Public lands are vital to Wisconsin’s economy – without them, we fail, and the numbers are staggering. Outdoor recreational tourism is the second largest industry in Wisconsin. It brings almost $11 billion to our state and sustains over 140,000 jobs annually. We can’t afford to lose this. Taking away funding from public lands jeopardizes Wisconsin’s economy and hurts Wisconsin’s residents and families.

We need Speaker Ryan and our members of Congress to understand that protecting our public lands is protecting Wisconsin families and the beautiful legacy we share. Failure to protect public lands is a failure to protect our future. We’re paying attention.”

A script of the radio ad currently running in Paul Ryan’s district follows and can be heard here.

“Packing’” :60

SFX: sounds of rustling – packing camping equipment

HUSBAND        Backpacks… tent… hiking boots… camp stove…

WIFE                What are you doing?

HUSBAND        (excited) Getting ready for our summer trip to Giant Sequoia National Monument in California. Remember? We’ve been waiting years for this!

WIFE                Haven’t you heard? President Trump signed an executive order that could get rid of some of our national monuments.

HUSBAND        (aghast) That’s just crazy. I’m calling our Congressman, Paul Ryan. He can end this threat to our public lands!

WIFE                Too late. Paul Ryan has already come out in support of it.

HUSBAND        (aghast) What? I thought Paul Ryan supported protecting public lands. What happened?

WIFE                (disgusted) I guess he changed his mind.

SFX: cross fade from outdoor nature sounds to music (or nothing) under

ANNCR             We deserve better. Public lands for public use are an American tradition, and they’re under attack from Washington. Go to to take action and learn more. (faster) Paid for by Wisconsin for Public Lands.

SFX: music out

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