Franklin, Wisconsin – Kudos to the Wisconsin state legislature for passing AJR21 to join the call for an amendatory convention of states to discuss and possibly propose a 28th Amendment to the US Constitution. Do this is a step towards requiring the federal government to have a balanced budget (just like the state of Wisconsin and many other states). It’s good financial planning.

In Wisconsin, our state leaders plan the biennial budget with a WI Constitutional requirement that the government balance the budget. It is time for the federal government to have to live by that same rule.  It does not prevent borrowing nor does is it unnecessarily limit the ability of government to provide essential services.  With nearly $21 Trillion dollars of federal debt looming over our future and encumbering future generations of Americans, it is time to have a serious talk about a federal balanced budget. Without such a constitutional mandate, our leaders in the federal government have repeatedly proven they have no interest in fiscal responsibility. It is time for the people to act via their state legislators to stop the debt insanity.

Wisconsin GrandSons of Liberty thanks Senators Scott Fitzgerald and Chris Kapenga for leading the effort in the state senate. In the Assembly, we extend the same thank you to Speaker Robin Vos and Representative Dan Knodl for their leadership.  Plus, we thank the 19 Senators and 54 Representatives that supported AJR21.

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