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MADISON – Hundreds of citizens representing all of Wisconsin’s legislative districts and dozens of conservation organizations met with their state legislators in the Capitol on Wednesday at Conservation Lobby Day hosted by Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters.

“The people of Wisconsin care deeply about protecting our natural resources, including our drinking water and public lands,” said Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters Executive Director Kerry Schumann. “They came to Madison today to make their pro-conservation voices heard, and they did just that.”

Priority conservation issues presented to legislators included: supporting Senate Bill 48, the “Leading on Lead” bill that will allow communities greater flexibility to fund replacements of lead pipes; fully funding county conservationists – the first line of defense against water pollution; and keeping oversight of factory farms within the DNR.

Wisconsin is facing dire threats to its public health, stewardship of its public lands, and its natural resources. From manure pollution contaminating wells to statewide lead contamination in drinking water systems, Wisconsin residents and its environment are suffering.

“Wisconsin is facing a public health crisis,” Schumann said. “Our drinking water has become so polluted from manure in some communities that families are forced to haul water from miles away. Children are being poisoned by lead in water systems throughout the state.”

The event marks the 11th Conservation Lobby Day and is just one of the ways conservationists communicate their concerns to decision makers throughout the year.

Anglers, hunters, birdwatchers, paddle sports enthusiasts, climate change activists, and many more brought their individual concerns and demonstrated their unity to lawmakers.

In past years, Conservation Lobby Day has proven successful. Conservation victories following the 2015 lobby day include preserving the Knowles-Nelson Stewardship Program, rescuing the DNR’s Natural Resources Board and protecting funding for county conservationists.

“Each lobby day is testament to the power of Wisconsin’s conservation voters,” Schumann said. “We’re thankful to the attendees and to our legislators for coming together in defense of the state we love.”

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