July 31, 2017 Kendi Parvin 608.442.3748
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Madison— The Wisconsin Medical Society is urging Wisconsin’s Congressional delegation to
consider a new approach to health care reform legislation, and to also act on other critical healthcare programs set to expire by September 30.

“The Society believes it is essential that our citizens have affordable, high-quality health care coverage, and that any next steps on health care reform legislation be bipartisan, transparent and patient-centered,” said Society President Noel Deep, MD. “Wisconsin physicians welcome the opportunity to share their front-line perspective with our delegation and do what is in the best interests of our patients.”

Earlier this year, the Society developed a set of health care reform principles as the framework for any health care reform proposal. It urges lawmakers to preserve several patient protections contained in the Affordable Care Act, including the ban on lifetime caps for coverage and allowing children to remain on their parent’s health care plan until age 26.

The Society also strongly supports guaranteed coverage for individuals with pre-existing conditions.

“We welcome the opportunity to have a productive dialogue with our delegation, and all members of Congress, to improve current law so that fewer citizens are uninsured and safety net programs are adequately funded,” Dr. Deep added.

With over 12,500 members dedicated to the best interests of their patients, the Wisconsin Medical Society is the largest association of medical doctors in the state and a trusted source of health policy leadership since 1841.

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