Neal Kedzie, president
(608) 833-8200 x16

The Wisconsin Motor Carriers Association applauds Governor Scott Walker for offering a new
transportation plan that does not raise taxes, particularly on heavy trucks. WMCA President Neal Kedzie has been meeting with lawmakers in both Houses to discuss a more reasonable solution to maintaining a solvent transportation fund and believes the Governor’s plan may help meet that goal.

The WMCA strongly opposed the plan put forth by Assembly Republicans to target and significantly increase taxes on heavy commercial trucks and are grateful the Governor’s compromise proposal makes no mention of it. The Association also appreciates the Senate Republicans who stood firm on their opposition to the heavy truck tax idea and recognized that such a massive tax increase would have been detrimental not only to Wisconsin trucking companies, but Wisconsin’s economy as a whole. The WMCA is anxious to bring this budget impasse to a close and move forward with a plan that works for all motorists and taxpayers.

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