Contact: Marina Dimitrijevic
Wisconsin Working Families Party Director Marina Dimitrijevic made the following statement today following Paul Ryan’s closed to the public event in Racine:
“Paul Ryan has been avoiding his own constituents like the plague and still refuses to hold a public town hall. His political stunt today only underscores how scared he must be of real interaction with his own constituents — and for good reason. Ryan is the author of the toxic health care bill that would give a huge tax cut to millionaires and pay for it by taking health care away from 22 million Americans, including almost 400,000 people in Wisconsin alone. I’m sure each and every one of those people — moms with sick kids, or those of us taking care of an elderly relative or facing a health crisis and depending on Medicaid — would love the chance to talk to Speaker Ryan about how his bill will affect their families and loved ones. Instead, he decided to close his event to the public. That’s unacceptable. With each passing day, Ryan’s actions only prove he is getting more and more out of touch with his own constituents in Wisconsin.”
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