Contact: Melanie Conklin
Madison, Wisconsin – The GOP primary is officially underway, and while they battle it out for who is more conservative, they do agree on one thing: forcing Wisconsinites to pay more for health care. Both backed the GOP plan to repeal care – which would increase premiums by 20 percent, strip coverage for pre-existing conditions, and impose an age tax on older Americans.


“Wisconsin Republican Senate candidates Leah Vukmir and Kevin Nicholson have both backed their party’s toxic health care agenda that would spike costs, strip away coverage for pre-existing conditions, and impose an age tax on older Americans, all to give big insurance companies and the wealthiest few a tax break,” said Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Martha Laning. “Their decision to put their donors first shows they are wrong for Wisconsin.”


  • Vukmir Backed The GOP Health Care Plan. “‘After more than six years of Obamacare, 28 million people remain uninsured and premiums have gone up year after year,’ said Wisconsin Senator Leah Vukmir. ‘The American Health Care Act ensures a stable transition away from the Affordable Care Act, and it is imperative Congress works to loosen federal requirements on states so they may have greater authority over how they deliver healthcare – only then can there be true reforms.’” [ALEC, Press Release, 3/7/17]
  • Vukmir Called the Toxic GOP Health Care Plan, Which Would Spike Costs and Strip Coverage for Wisconsinites, While The Wealthy Get A Tax Break, A “Great Starting Point.” [Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, 7/25/17]
  • Nicholson Supported BCRA. “Some of the Republicans considering running against U.S. Sen. Tammy Baldwin showed support for Tuesday’s move to end or scale back Obamacare… In a statement, [Kevin Nicholson] said he hoped the Senate would repeal Obamacare. ‘Republicans have been promising for seven years to repeal Obamacare, and it’s time they deliver on that promise,’ Nicholson said in his statement. ‘Hopefully, today’s Senate vote will be a step towards repeal, but I’m always nervous when politicians get together. Only time will tell with what they’re up to in DC, but I know we need more competition and market forces in health care — and less government.’” [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 7/25/17]
  • Nicholson Said He “Absolutely” Would Have Voted For The Senate’s Obamacare Repeal Bill. [Jeff Wagner Show, 07/27/17]


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