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MADISON — The following is a statement from the Democratic Party of Wisconsin’s Chair Martha Laning following Gov. Scott Walker’s latest re-election show Sunday afternoon:

“Kicking off another campaign today, Scott Walker said that after seven years, he now wants to begin to focus on the rest of us in Wisconsin, but people don’t buy his latest ‘reinvented’ style.

“It’s appalling that Walker has not been focused on all the people of Wisconsin all along. He had his opportunity, yet his actions have benefited the wealthy elite at the top while he left everyone else behind.

“There is no explanation for his absentee governing that will satisfy the farmer who is worried about losing the family farm, the school principal who can’t find enough teachers for her students, the mill worker who lost his job while Walker did nothing, but now sees a foreign company getting billions in cash handouts.

“All these people have been waiting for Walker to do something for seven years. But as the nation recovered from a global recession, Wisconsin lagged behind because Walker’s approach made their problems and their struggles worse.

“Democrats across Wisconsin support health care for all, good wages, strong public schools, clean drinking water and well-maintained infrastructure including roads, bridges and reliable access to broadband. We support equal pay, eliminating inequality, helping workers get job training, helping students afford college without drowning in student loan debt and rebuilding trust and openness in government with fair, representative elections.

“The greatest evidence that Scott Walker has failed Wisconsin is his own admission that in order to stand a chance at re-election, he must pretend to be the kind of public servant he has never actually been in his entire 25 years in government. Our next governor must focus on the will of all Wisconsinites, not just Scott Walker’s wealthy few.”

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