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MADISON — Attorney General Brad Schimel dodged questions at a press conference Monday on whether he will join the lawsuit to help Wisconsinites keep their needed healthcare. He hedged, saying he “doubts” that Wisconsin will join the lawsuit to require the federal government to continue essential health care subsidies.

Without these subsidies and due to the Republican sabotage of healthcare market, the average Wisconsinite will see a 36% increase in their premiums.

“Schimel’s spineless comments show just how unwilling he is to do the right thing for Wisconsin and stand up for residents who deserve to keep their health care, and instead blaming his fellow Republicans,” said Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Martha Laning. “As we’ve seen a rise in mental health issues and addiction, as well as prescription drug cost hikes, it is unconscionable that Schimel would refuse to defend a law that helps people in Wisconsin get the treatment they need.”

Schimel told reporters he doubted that Wisconsin would join 19 other states in suing so lower-income Wisconsinites can continue receiving subsidies that reduce out-of-pocket health care costs. He thought he would need permission from Gov. Walker or Republicans in the Legislature, and he did not think they would allow him to do it.

“As attorney general, Brad Schimel has embraced the role of a partisan hack when it comes to wasting state taxpayer money to fight countless unwinnable lawsuits against a law that provided affordable healthcare to 20 million Americans,” continued Laning. “For Schimel to foist the blame for his inaction on other Republicans during a tough re-election campaign is cowardly.”

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