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The GOP has re-endorsed Moore and sent him at least $170,000 to help him win in Tuesday’s special election

Scott Walker, Paul Ryan, Kevin Nicholson and Leah Vukmir are enabling Moore with their silent support

MADISON — In a betrayal of basic Wisconsin values, Wisconsin Republicans continue to prop up alleged serial sexual predator Roy Moore ahead of tomorrow’s special election in Alabama. Despite last week’s news that the Republican Party was re-endorsing Moore and sending his campaign at least $170,000 for a final push, Wisconsin Republicans — including Gov. Scott Walker, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, state Sen. Leah Vukmir, and management consultant Kevin Nicholson — have continued to stand by their party as it actively props up an accused sexual predator.

Across the country, Republicans are finding the courage to criticize the Republican Party’s support for Moore. And a Republican National Committee member from Nebraska this morning left the committee as a symbolic rejection of Republicans’ cynical embrace of a man who stands accused of sexual harassment and assault of numerous girls. But here in Wisconsin, the Republican Party’s supposed leaders are instead following the confessed sexual predator President of the United States in standing with the GOP and Moore.

The Democratic Party of Wisconsin has previously called upon Walker and Ryan to denounce Trump and the Republican National Committee for supporting Moore. And, on top of calling for Nicholson to reject Illinois billionaire and Roy Moore backer Dick Uihlein’s support and return his $5,4000(something Nicholson’s refused to do), DPW has additionally criticized Nicholson and Vukmir for standing by the RNC as it funds Moore’s candidacy.

“The Republican establishment needs to send a clear message that it goes against Wisconsin values to support a man who was banned from shopping mall and stands accused of serial sexual assault and harassment of underage girls,” said Martha Laning, Democratic Party of Wisconsin chair. “Wisconsin leaders in the national Republican Party and statewide candidates are endorsing his sickening behavior by silently standing by as their party seeks to elevate an accused sexual predator to the U.S. Senate.”


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