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[Madison, WI]—Governor Walker’s conservative agenda has Wisconsin working and winning.  The governor’s bold decisions have led to a reform dividend that, in his most recent budget, will put hardworking Wisconsin families first with more tax cuts, a historic investment in K-12 education, and a tuition cut at the UW System.
Check out what conservatives and taxpayer advocates are saying about Governor Walker’s budget:
When it comes to passing transformational policy reforms, no state in the country can hold a candle to what Wisconsin has done, both in terms of the number and magnitude of the reforms enacted, since Governor Scott Walker (R) was elected and Republicans took control of the legislature in 2010. With the unveiling of Governor Walker’s new budget this week, it’s clear the great reformer state is not done.
In his budget announcement this week, Governor Walker proposed cutting the bottom two income tax rates, and expanding the size of the second tax bracket by 25%. This tax cut will provide the greatest relief to low- and middle-income households. If the tax cuts proposed by Governor Walker this week are enacted, Wisconsin taxpayers will have realized $8 billion in total tax relief for the eight-year period ending in Fiscal Year 2018-19.
Just a few short years ago, with an eye on long-term fiscal stability for Wisconsin, Governor Walker made difficult budgeting decisions that were panned by his critics. Thanks to his determination to stand up to the naysayers, today we are able to reap the benefits of sound budgeting decisions and strong leadership and look towards the future for a full repeal of prevailing wage as well as an end to project labor agreements.
What we heard from the Governor regarding substantive tax breaks and fee reductions while adding additional funds to services is proof that common-sense reforms sustained over time lead to a strong and prosperous state economy. Wisconsin has created over 50,000 new businesses during Governor Walker’s time in office and those businesses are doing well thanks to a stable and predictable economic environment.
That coupled with a legislature that values their contribution to their communities, small business owners are able to make reasonable decisions regarding their businesses knowing that our fiscal house is in order and the future is certain.
WPT and its members would like to thank Governor Walker for again making property taxpayers a priority in his budget. We were glad to hear that he recognizes the large burden of property taxes in our state, and that he’s willing to do something about it year after year.
By eliminating the state-levied portion on property tax bills for the first time since 1931, small businesses and homeowners will see another $80 million in tax relief statewide. Putting that type of savings back into the hands of Wisconsinites is a great way to further drive our local and state economies.
WPT is fully supportive of this reform, and we look forward to a continued dialogue with Wisconsin’s leaders as the budget progresses.
One of the biggest problems we routinely hear from our members is that the welfare system in our state and country creates a disincentive to work.  Gov. Walker’s proposed reforms would actually incentivize work, while making sure our government is still providing a hand up to those in need.
It is imperative that Wisconsin make it easier to get a job, as well.  The unreasonable occupational licensing requirements for many industries need to be removed, and individuals and families that want to work should not be forced to make the choice between earning more money and losing their welfare benefits. WMC is proud to support Gov. Walker’s proposal, and looks forward to working with the legislature to include it in the upcoming budget. 
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