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A Contested Battle for Party Chair and a Search for a Gubernatorial Candidate Lie Ahead
[Madison, WI]—Democrats are in disarray.  This week that disarray will be on full display as a listless Democratic Party of Wisconsin struggles to determine its own leadership for 2018 and remains unable to find a candidate willing to challenge the Wisconsin comeback.
Democrats have already demonstrated just how little they learned from the 2016 election by holding their convention in Madison, and have resorted to inviting elected officials from Illinois and Los Angeles to lift the party’s spirits.
While their leaders will preach unity heading into 2018, there are sure to be fireworks this weekend as Martha Laning, Bryan Kennedy and others square off for the future of their party.  Regardless of the outcome, all that Democrats in Wisconsin are offering is a doomed agenda with no solutions for hard-working Wisconsin families.
“Democrats are in complete disarray.  While they double down on 2016 mistakes by huddling in Madison and listening to liberal elites from California and Illinois, they face a power struggle for the direction of their party,” said Alec Zimmerman, spokesman for the Republican Party of Wisconsin.  “Regardless of who emerges as the winner, Wisconsin Democrats will still be without a candidate willing to challenge the Wisconsin comeback, and remain unable to offer an agenda for hard-working Wisconsin families.”
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