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[Madison, WI]—Today, Governor Walker introduced reforms to the University of Wisconsin System, including a 5 percent tuition cut for students system wide and an increase in state funding for the University by $100 million.  Governor Walker’s bold vision for the future of the University of Wisconsin System puts students and their families first, while continuing to fight for student success.
Read excerpts from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s coverage of the announcement below or the full article here.

Scott Walker proposes 5% tuition cut, $100 million increase in state funding for University of Wisconsin System
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Karen Herzog and Jason Stein
February 7, 2017

After freezing tuition the past four years for resident undergraduates at University of Wisconsin System campuses, Gov. Scott Walker announced Tuesday that he wants to cut their tuition by 5% and make up for the loss in tuition dollars by giving campuses $35 million from taxpayers.
Walker released his 2017-’19 state budget proposal for UW System — a total of $100 million in additional state funding for an array of initiatives — during a three-campus sweep Tuesday, starting in La Crosse and continuing in Eau Claire and Green Bay. The governor will formally unveil his budget to the Legislatureon Wednesday
 A 5% tuition cut would save resident undergrads an average $360 a year, according to the governor. A full- time resident undergrad at UW-Madison currently pays $9,273 in tuition, plus $466 in fees.  

Walker offered another proposal beyond the tuition cut to help hold down the cost of college: Requiring UW System campuses to offer three-year bachelor’s degree options to further reduce the cost of a college education. The Legislative Fiscal Bureau estimates completing a degree in three years could reduce the net cost by $18,000 to $25,000 by reducing tuition costs and increasing earnings.

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