[Madison, WI] — After six years of Governor Scott Walker’s leadership, Wisconsin is working and winning for hard-working families.  In his Budget Address this afternoon, Wisconsin saw firsthand the results of the Governor’s reforms that continue to deliver results.  Following the Address, the Republican Party of Wisconsin released the following statement from Chairman Brad Courtney:
“Governor Scott Walker is successfully leading the fight to provide for Wisconsin’s hard-working families. As a result, Wisconsin is seeing the reform dividend in action: more money to classrooms, a historic cut to UW tuition, and increased tax relief for taxpayers across the state.  Our fiscal outlook is bright, and together under Governor Walker we are working and winning.”
Walker Supports Student Success
  • Governor Walker is fighting for an increase of $649 million more into K-12 schools, sending more money directly to the classroom.[1]
  • Rural schools will see a boost under Governor Walker, receiving $20 million more in sparsity aid and an increase in technology and infrastructure grant funding by more than $22 million.[2]
  • Students across the UW System will see a tuition cut of 5%.  Additionally, the UW System will see an increase in state funding of $135 million.
Wisconsin’s Economy is Moving Forward
  • Wisconsin’s Unemployment Rate is 4%, the lowest it’s been since 2001.[3]
  • Wisconsin also boasts a strong labor force participation rate.[4]
  • There are more people working than at any other point in Wisconsin history.[5]
  • Since Governor Walker took office, more than 52,000 new business entities have been created.[6]
Walker Will Continue to Protect Taxpayers
  • Governor Walker and Republicans in the state legislature have cut taxes by nearly $5 billion, giving hard-working families relief.  The governor plans to build on it by cutting taxes even more.
  • Walker’s signature legislation, Act 10, has saved Wisconsin taxpayers over $5 billion.[7]
  • Walker balanced a $3.6 billion budget deficit without raising taxes.
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