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Wachs Opposed Foxconn Early but Took Little Action, Sending Only One Email Looking for Flaws
[Madison, WI] — Unless he’s exploiting the system for himself or other trial attorneys, it looks like liberal trial attorney Dana Wachs is all talk and no action. A recent report from the Washington Free Beacon shows that Wachs sent only one email as it relates to Foxconn – looking only for flaws – before providing token opposition against the bill.
Read the full story from the Washington Free Beacon here or read excerpts below.
Emails: Wisc Dem Gov Candidate Who Opposes Foxconn Deal Only Sought ‘Risks’
Washington Free Beacon
Joe Schoffstall
October 27, 2017
A Democratic candidate for governor in Wisconsin, one of the biggest critics of a deal bringing thousands of jobs to the state, only sought information on the “risks” of the deal before coming out in opposition, documents obtained by the Washington Free Beacon show.
The candidate also appears to have done little work on an amendment to the Foxconn legislation that he regularly touts.
Emails obtained by the Free Beacon show that Wachs sent just one email seeking only the “risks” of the deal.
“Contact this group [Wisconsin Safety Council] to find out what the manufacturing process risks of Foxconn will be,” Wachs wrote in an August 10 email to staffers Bob Meyer and Leonard Riley.
This was the only email that Wachs sent in relation to his work with Foxconn, which was initially obtained using open records requests. On August 13, days after the email was sent, Wachs announced his opposition.
Wachs regularly touts his “Good Jobs” amendment to Gov. Scott Walker’s Foxconn legislation, which he co-authored with Democratic State Rep. Christine Sinicki.
Emails show that Sinicki’s office appears to have done almost all of the work on the amendment despite Wachs being its coauthor.
State Rep. Sinicki sent an email on August 1 to legislative assembly Democrats giving them a “heads up” on the amendments.
Three days later, on August 4, Mike Pearson, a staffer in Sinicki’s office, sent an email to Meyer and Riley in Wachs office informing them that had sent out a Foxconn release to the Wheeler Report, WisPolitics, Journal Sentinel, and a few local papers.
An hour later, Pearson sent another email to Meyer and Riley with a quick summary of two Foxconn amendments and told them to let him know if they can provide any further information.
Read the full story here.
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