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With No Good Choices, List of “Underwhelming” Candidates Grows
[Madison, WI] — The list of flawed Democrat candidates for governor continues to grow – with each one offering nothing more than attacks on Wisconsin’s comeback and broken policies that already failed Wisconsin.
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Schneider: Democrats Field an underwhelming team against Walker
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Christian Schneider
October 13, 2017
When Minneapolis band Soul Asylum sang “Nothing attracts a crowd like a crowd” in their 1992 song “Black Gold,” chances are they weren’t talking about the gang of Democrats gearing up to challenge Gov. Scott Walker in 2018. But as the list of names grows deeper, it seems that the size of the crowd might actually be attracting more to join its ranks.
To date, locating a successful candidate against Walker is as elusive as spotting a member of the Minnesota Vikings with a Super Bowl ring. Walker is three-for-three in gubernatorial elections, having fought off everything the Democrats had in his 2012 recall election. As a result of that election, Walker has an almost unlimited capacity to raise money; anyone who runs against him can look forward to facing tens of millions of dollars against them.
That is why the field against Walker is populated with candidates few Democratic Party activists are excited about. Gronik is a new name in politics, and is wealthy enough to self-fund his campaign (as nominee Mary Burke was in 2014.) But a lump of his money is from a $6.1 million insurance payout Gronik received when he argued that mold in his new house triggered an existing inflammatory bowel disorder.
Flynn is battling accusations of having tried to soak victims of priest sexual abuse for cash. Evers is a moderate who has drawn some praise from Walker himself, a near-fatal wound in a Democratic primary. Wachs is a little-known backbencher from Eau Claire. As the leader of a “good government” group, McCabe spent years criticizing candidates who used politics to benefit themselves; he entered the race as a long shot while trying to drum up membership for his political action group.
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