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[Madison, WI]— Last week President Trump’s Nominee for Supreme Court Justice, Judge Neil Gorsuch, impressively answered questions from the Senate Judiciary Committee.  Despite attempts from Democrats to maintain the status quo and distract from Judge Gorsuch’s testimony, Judge Gorsuch stuck to his convictions showing that he is a qualified, mainstream choice to serve on the Supreme Court.
“Despite what Senator Tammy Baldwin and the rest of the liberal elitists in Washington think, Judge Gorsuch’s hearing shows that he is the perfect fit for the Supreme Court vacancy,” said Alec Zimmerman, spokesman for the Republican Party of Wisconsin.  “At a time when hard-working Wisconsin families are desperate for reforms from Washington, Senator Baldwin and her Democrat friends would rather play politics with the nominee and defend the status quo.”
Check Out the Quotes from Judge Gorsuch’s Testimony Before the Senate:
  • “Sitting here, I’m acutely aware of my own imperfections and I pledge to each of you and the American people that if I’m confirmed, I will do all my powers permit to be a faithful servant to the Constitution and laws of this great nation.”

  • “I also had the great fortune to clerk for Justice Kennedy. He showed me that judges can disagree without being disagreeable.  That everyone who comes to court deserves respect. That a case isn’t just a number or a name, but a life’s story and a human being with equal dignity to my own.”

  • “Mr. Chairman, these days we sometimes hear judges cynically describe as politicians in robes seeking to enforce their own politics rather than striving to apply the law impartially. If I thought that were true, I’d hang up the robe.”

  • “I’ve ruled for disabled students, for prisoners, for the accused, for workers alleging civil rights violations, and for undocumented immigrants. Sometimes, too, I ruled against such persons. My decisions have never reflected a judgment about the people before me, only a judgment of the law and the facts at issue in each particular case.”
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