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[Madison, WI] — The Republican Party of Wisconsin is launching a new digital ad campaign today against union boss Mahlon Mitchell. Mitchell is launching his bid for governor today – despite having already been rejected by voters in the historic 2012 recall election, when Mitchell ran for lieutenant governor. During that campaign, Mitchell showed just how extreme he was by comparing the struggles of public sector workers to victims of the Holocaust.

“While Governor Walker is moving Wisconsin forward with bold reforms that put taxpayers first, union boss Mahlon Mitchell went to extreme lengths to protect big government special interests during the recall,” said Alec Zimmerman, spokesman for the Republican Party of Wisconsin. “After being rejected by voters before, Mitchell is doubling down on the failed policies of yesterday.”

The Republican Party of Wisconsin’s digital ad campaign follows up on previous ad campaigns against Matt Flynn, Kathleen Vinehout, Tony Evers, Dana Wachs, Andy Gronik, and Mike McCabe.

Union Boss Mahlon Mitchell Went to Extreme Lengths to Protect Big Government Special Interests During the Recall

– In an attempt to politicize and elevate himself into the national spotlight, union boss Mahlon Mitchell compared the struggles of public sector workers during Act 10 to those faced by Jewish German citizens during the Holocaust.
– While speaking at the 2011 Fighting Bob Fest, Mahlon Mitchell compared the Walker administration during Act 10 to the rise of the Nazi Regime. Mitchell likened the struggles of public sector workers in Wisconsin to the atrocities faced by Jewish citizens during the Holocaust.

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