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[Madison, WI] — While Republicans are fighting for tax cuts and reforms for Wisconsin families, far-left partisans like Randy Bryce are disingenuously attacking the plan, despite the fact that he would stand to significantly benefit from this legislation. Here’s his story:

Bryce used to spend most of his time in Wisconsin, but now travels frequently to rub elbows with liberals in left-wing enclaves like California and New York City. Wisconsin was a strange place for him to call home, since his political stances fall much more in-line with the out-of-touch extremists that tend to reside in places like Berkeley and Cambridge.

As a single dad with one son, Bryce makes $64,000 according to recent government filings. Under the tax reform plan approved by Congress, Bryce’s standard deduction would double so the first $12,000 of his salary would not be taxed and the rest of his paycheck would be paid at a lower rate than under the previous system. He will also benefit from the increase in the child tax credit. All told, Bryce could save around $1,600 a year thanks to these tax cuts – money he can use for:
–More trips to California to hang out with liberal activists (cost: $354)
–Paying for more twitter followers so there would be a larger audience to see his sexist and offensive messages (cost: $49)
–Buying basic policy briefing books so he can increase his knowledge on key issues from “non-existent” to “very minimal” (cost: $4.99)
–Purchasing a map of Wisconsin so he can get around, as opposed to places like CA and NY where he’s more comfortable (cost: $62.74)

Despite all of this, the three-time failed candidate is insisting on misleading voters and falsely claiming that this plan hurts hard-working families.

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