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Madison, Wisconsin — The Republican Party of Wisconsin today released an investigation report recently obtained from the Middleton-Cross Plains school district that shows State Schools Superintendent and Democrat candidate for governor Tony Evers left a teacher in the classroom despite allegations of sexual harassment by a fellow teacher – a disturbing revelation that comes in addition to previously reported accounts of spreading pornography during school and making predatory comments about students. The party released the following statement with the report:

“With each new development in this story, Tony Evers comes up with yet another excuse to justify his failure to remove a teacher accused of not only spreading pornography and making predatory comments about children, but as we now know also sexually harassing and retaliating against a fellow teacher,” said Alec Zimmerman, spokesman for the Republican Party of Wisconsin. “These latest revelations are damning; Tony Evers’ track record of reckless inaction put children and teachers at risk all for the sake of political expediency as he bowed to union pressure. Evers simply cannot be trusted to protect Wisconsin families.”
Among other things, the report details how:
  • The victim of harassment said she “felt like a rape victim with the frat buddies who are all ‘in on it.’ She felt like she couldn’t take it to anyone, even the union…she felt so alone.” (page 2)
  • The teacher accused of sexual harassment got angry when he found out about the investigation (page 4) and suggested retaliating against the victim who reported him. (page 7).
  • The same teacher accused of sexual harassment made sexually charged comments directed towards students and their physical appearance. (page 5)
  • The school district that investigated these claims found that the accused had engaged in “harassment” and had created a “hostile” environment that was “highly inappropriate in a school/educational setting of middle school-aged students.” (page 10)
Despite these findings by the district – and a call for action from Governor Walker – Tony Evers failed to act to revoke the license of this teacher.
Read the full report here.
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