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Madison, Wisconsin — Republican chairmen of two key legislative committees dealing with economic development today condemned unprecedented attempts by Democrat gubernatorial candidates to undermine companies trying to create family-supporting jobs in Wisconsin. Last week, Democrat infighting in the governor’s race heated up as candidates began attacking one another over not sufficiently opposing Foxconn Technology Group’s historic investment that would result in tens of thousands of new jobs for Wisconsin – even suggesting they would not deal squarely with the company if they were elected.

In response, the Republican Party of Wisconsin released the following joint statement from Senator Dan Feyen, Chair of the Senate Committee on Economic Development, Commerce and Local Government, and Representative Adam Neylon, Chair of the Assembly Committee on Jobs and the Economy:
“Democrats running for governor are actively undermining a transformational investment that will create tens of thousands of jobs right here in Wisconsin. Over the past several years, Wisconsin Democrats have made partisan hypocrisy a core part of their platform but this is an entirely new and reckless level.  Democrats are so desperate to score a few cheap political points that they are willing to put hard working families at risk by creating a chilling effect on investment and job creation. Governor Walker and Republican legislators are leading, enacting bold reforms to make Wisconsin a place where companies will invest while Democrats campaign to sabotage the Wisconsin comeback.”
Democrats’ criticism has gone beyond simple opposition or calling for a broad change in policy, with candidates for governor showing a growing willingness to actually undermine the efforts of companies trying to create jobs in Wisconsin because they’ve worked with Gov. Walker. Recent examples include:
  • Democrats, including Tony Evers, have shown they are looking to undo negotiations that Governor Walker has completed with Foxconn – taking their opposition to the good-paying, family-supporting jobs they once claimed to support to a whole new level. The battle over who can oppose Foxconn the most recently reached new heights amongst Evers, Wachs, and Gronik.
  • Additionally, Dana Wachs has abused his position on the WEDC Board of Directors, blindly opposing and criticizing Foxconn rather than giving thoughtful consideration to the technology manufacturer, as well as other companies looking to bring jobs to Wisconsin. His opposition also comes despite Wachs doing virtually no research or work on the issue, prior to being on the WEDC board.
  • Democrats even took the unbelievable step of throwing out their minority leader, Peter Barca, for voting for legislation that would bring thousands of jobs to his district – showing companies that expecting bipartisan cooperation is out of the question.
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