[Madison, WI]— On Tax Day, Republican leaders in Wisconsin reaffirmed their commitment to letting Wisconsinites keep more of their hard-earned money.  While Democrats in Madison and Washington try to push crippling tax increases onto hard-working Wisconsin families, Wisconsin Republicans are fighting for fiscal responsibility and returning authority to the state’s taxpayers.

“Thanks to our bold reforms, we’ve repeatedly lowered the tax burden facing Wisconsin families,” said Governor Scott Walker.  “Property and income taxes are lower now than they were in 2010 — and cumulative tax cuts will total $8 billion by 2018.  Wisconsin is working and winning, and our state’s hard-working families are seeing relief as a result.”

“As a manufacturer, I’ve seen firsthand what hard-working Wisconsinites can do when they keep more of their own money in their own pockets, instead of sending it off to Washington,” said Senator Ron Johnson. “We need to limit Washington’s control over our lives and do for the country what Republican leadership has done for Wisconsin — control spending, cut taxes, and help our economy grow good, self-sustaining jobs in the private sector.”

“Republicans in Wisconsin are fighting to return authority to the hard-working families of our state, while tax-and-spend liberals in Madison and Washington are determined to stop our progress,” said Brad Courtney, Chairman for the Republican Party of Wisconsin. “Senator Tammy Baldwin and Wisconsin Democrats are offering nothing more than the same failed policies from the past.  With Republican leaders like Governor Scott Walker, Wisconsin’s future will continue to be bright.”

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