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Madison, WI]— As the Chamber of Commerce released it’s “How They Voted” report this week, Senator Tammy Baldwin got back a failing grade.  As the report notes, Senator Baldwin has the worst record of any red-state Senator when it comes to jobs.  Rather than fighting for hard-working families, Senator Baldwin seems more concerned with defending the Washington status quo.
“Senator Baldwin’s record as the worst red-state senator on jobs sends a clear message: she will support the Washington status quo over Wisconsin,” said Alec Zimmerman, spokesman for the Republican Party of Wisconsin. “Senator Baldwin has a long way to go to correct the two decades of damage she has done from Washington to Wisconsin’s hard-working families.”
How Senator Baldwin Voted:
Updated US Chamber of Commerce vote scores this week show just how bad of a record Senator Tammy Baldwin has on jobs.  She has the worst lifetime score from the Chamber of any red-state Democrat in the Senate:
  • Senator Baldwin is the worst red-state Democrat with a cumulative score of 32%.
    • Senator Jon Tester: 47%
    • Senator Sherrod Brown: 33%
    • Senator Joe Donnelly: 65%
    • Senator Joe Manchin: 59%
    • Senator Claire McCaskill: 49%
  • Senator Baldwin hovers closer to Senator Elizabeth Warren, who’s at 31%.
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