December 8, 2017
Contact: Alec Zimmerman
(608) 257-4765
WisGOP Sends Randy Bryce a California Birthday Gift
Getting Red Carpet Randy everything he needs to be successful in Hollywood
[Madison, WI] — Happy Birthday to Hollywood’s favorite candidate! Randy Bryce spends a lot of time in California hanging out with liberal elites and celebrities like Chelsea Handler and Sarah Silverman. The Republican Party of Wisconsin wanted to get him some special birthday gifts that are must haves if you spend as much time in Hollywood as Randy does.
“Red Carpet Randy loves California. With Bryce spending so much time there, we wanted to make sure that he has everything he needs,” said Alec Zimmerman, spokesman for the Republican Party of Wisconsin. “We wish him well in Hollywood. Although, after his last three losses, it’s clear he still doesn’t understand Wisconsin voters.”
To celebrate Red Carpet Randy’s birthday tomorrow, the Republican Party of Wisconsin is sending him:
  • Sunscreen – so Bryce doesn’t burn in the California sun
  • Chelsea Handler’s new book – so he can learn even more about his new best friend
  • Map of California – so his driver doesn’t get lost
  • California tour guide book – so Randy can see all of Hollywood’s sights
  • Copy of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel – so he starts to care about Wisconsin press
The Republican Party of Wisconsin wishes Red Carpet Randy Bryce a Happy Birthday!
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