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[Madison, WI] —Tony Evers’ weak leadership continues to haunt his campaign. According to a recently released report, the Democrat candidate for governor left a teacher in the classroom after the teacher sexually harassed a coworker, viewed pornography while working, and made predatory comments about students. With each new development in this story, Tony Evers comes up with another desperate excuse to justify his weak leadership.

Check out what they’re saying about Tony Evers and his failure to protect teachers and students:

From the Cap Times: The Republican Party of Wisconsin says state Superintendent Tony Evers “bowed to union pressure” and did not do all he could to keep a teacher accused of harassing a colleague and watching pornography out of the classroom.

From the Associated Press: In the report, the teacher who complained about Harris said she “felt like a rape victim with the frat buddies that are all ‘in’ on it.” The report said Harris considered photo-editing her face “onto a picture from one of those nude fatty sites. Something really large and grotesque.”

From National Journal: State Schools Superintendent Tony Evers (D) declined to revoke the license of a teacher who sexually harassed his coworkers in the years leading up to and including 2009, according to contemporaneous emails and a summary report prepared by a district supervisor…

From the Washington Free Beacon: Tony Evers, the Wisconsin state superintendent of public instruction and now a Democratic candidate for governor in the state, did not revoke the license of a teacher who watched pornography at work, made sexually explicit comments about female students, and sexually harassed a fellow teacher and retaliated against her after she had filed a complaint against him.

From Right Wisconsin: The investigator’s report also acknowledged that Harris made inappropriate remarks about students, commenting on their chest sizes and suggesting one student learn how to perform oral sex because that’s all she would be good at.

From Media Trackers: Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Evers previously was criticized for failing to pull Harris’ teaching license after the arbitrator ordered him returned to his job after the district had fired him.

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