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[Madison, WI]— After being rejected by Wisconsin voters in 2016, top Democrat candidates are taking a pass on a run for governor in 2018.  Under Governor Scott Walker, Wisconsin is working and winning.  With more Wisconsinites working than ever before and massive tax relief for hard-working families, it is no surprise that so many Democrats are opting against a run.
Read excerpts from Fox 6’s story on the Democrat disarray below, or the watch the full story online here.
“Something weird is going on:” 3 more possible candidates opt out of Wisconsin governor’s race
Fox 6
Theo Keith
April 2, 2017
MILWAUKEE — Three more potential candidates for Wisconsin governor in 2018 — a former state senator, a businessman, and an ex-Green Bay Packers player — have decided not to run.
Only one Democrat has officially joined the race. Republican Gov. Scott Walker has sent signals that he’ll seek a third term, though he hasn’t officially announced his intentions.
“Something weird is going on,” said Mordecai Lee, a University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee professor and former Democratic state lawmaker. “If I had to make a guess, I’d say Democrats are really intimidated, especially by money.”
Walker, who has won three statewide elections, has proven to be a prolific fundraiser and is chairman of the Republican Governors Association, giving him a national platform to seek additional resources.
Former state Sen. Tim Cullen, who was widely expected to run, said this week that he didn’t think he could raise enough money to wage a serious challenge.
Madison businessman Mark Bakken told the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel that he would also pass on the race.
Previously, Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele and U.S. Rep. Ron Kind of La Crosse have said they wouldn’t run for governor.
The Republican Governors Association took a swipe at the lack of Democratic candidates.
“Wisconsin Democrats continue to struggle to recruit a candidate for governor – this time showing they can hardly even recruit sub-par candidates,” the group said in an emailed statement last week.
Read the full story online here.
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