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Madison, Wisconsin— Taxin’ Tammy Baldwin is wrapping up her August recess and heading back to Washington, where tax reform will take center stage. While Republicans are working to fix the tax code, Taxin’ Tammy has spent her career choosing Washington over Wisconsin by voting in favor of higher taxes on hard-working families and Wisconsin businesses.

“Taxin’ Tammy Baldwin is notorious for putting Washington over Wisconsin jobs and families,” said Alec Zimmerman, spokesman for the Republican Party of Wisconsin. “Senator Baldwin has voted more than 150 times in favor of higher taxes, refusing to give small businesses a break, and increasing taxes on hard-working middle-class Wisconsinites. Time and again, Taxin’ Tammy stands with Washington’s big-government special interests, not the people of Wisconsin.”
Taxin’ Tammy Baldwin Loves Higher Taxes
  • Senator Baldwin has voted more than 150 times in favor of higher taxes.[1]
  • In 2012, Baldwin Voted Against a Small Business Tax Cut: The bill would have allowed businesses with less than 500 employees a 20 percent deduction on their taxable income.  It would have been a $46 billion tax cut for small businesses.[2]
  • In 2010, Senator Baldwin Voted to in Support of Obamacare: The legislation increased taxes by $1.5 trillion over the course of a decade.[3]
  • In 2009, Baldwin Voted to Increase Taxes on Middle-Class Wisconsinites Making Over $42,000 a Year: Wisconsinites earning $42,000 annually are defined as middle class.[4]
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