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[Madison, WI]— Recent news coverage shows that after nearly twenty years in Washington, Senator Tammy Baldwin thinks she no longer needs to be accountable to Wisconsin voters. Senator Baldwin has fled her mistakes at the Tomah VA and has been caught repeatedly misleading voters on a range of issues.
Check out what they’re saying about Senator Baldwin dodging accountability:
From The Washington Free Beacon on Tomah:Sen. Tammy Baldwin (D., Wis.) has quietly stepped away from the committee that has oversight over a scandal-plagued Wisconsin Veterans Affairs facility, actions some Republicans see as the Democratic senator running from her past failures on the issue. Baldwin served on the Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee throughout the 114th Congress but does not appear to be on the committee in the 115th Congress, according to its roster. The committee has oversight over the Tomah VA, a VA facility in Wisconsin that was over-prescribing opiates to patients and saw a Marine die from an overdose.
From Wisconsin Watchdog on Tomah: Nowhere in [her] statement does Baldwin mention her departure from Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs, nor does she note her work on behalf of veterans’ issues. She has been silent about the matter since. Republicans have taken notice of Baldwin’s quiet departure. “Senator Baldwin’s decision to run from her failures rather than stand up for Wisconsin’s veterans is shameful,” Alec Zimmerman, spokesman for the Republican Party of Wisconsin, said in an email. “Instead of fighting for reforms to the system by participating in the ongoing oversight of the Tomah VA by the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, she has embraced the Washington status quo and fled her responsibilities to solve the problem.” Republicans see Baldwin, a first-term senator viewed as one of the more liberal lawmakers in Washington, as vulnerable in her 2018 re-election bid.
From Politifact Wisconsin on Judge Gorsuch:But now that Baldwin is in the minority and facing a Republican nominee, she is supporting a filibuster that creates a roadblock to reaching that final vote. Her claim to “support” a cloture vote makes no sense since that isn’t up to her party — cloture would be pushed by Republicans and is only needed if Baldwin and other Democrats pursue a filibuster. And that cloture vote would only advance the process, not result in a final decision on Gorsuch. That’s what we call a Full Flop.
From Politifact Wisconsin on Healthcare Reform: Prominent congressional Republicans — and Trump — have repeatedly said they intend to propose alternative legislation that would aim to give all people access to health care. For a statement that contains some element of truth but ignores critical facts that would give a different impression, we rate Baldwin’s statement Mostly False.
From Politifact Wisconsin on Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s Record: But on Baldwin’s larger point, it’s an earned retirement benefit, not newly added compensation and not something created simply because Tillerson took a government post. He would almost certainly have been in line to receive it even if he had taken a different job, as long as it wasn’t with an Exxon Mobil competitor. For a statement that has an element of truth but leaves out critical facts that would give a different impression, our rating is Mostly False.
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