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[Madison, WI]— Wisconsin Democrats are in disarray.  Whether it’s Senator Tammy Baldwin’s scandals, a hotly contested battle for party chair, top candidates taking a pass on a run for governor, or confusion from party headquarters in Madison, it’s clear Democrats don’t have what it takes to help hard-working Wisconsin families get ahead.
Check out what they’re saying about the disarray at the Democrat Party of Wisconsin:
From Politico Morning Score: The Wisconsin GOP is making a statewide digital ad buy promoting a new website,, attacking Democratic Sen. Tammy Baldwin and mocking the party’s political losses since 2010.
From the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: “Wisconsin Democrats are in such disarray, their own employees aren’t sure how to interpret their message as they scramble to prop up Senator Tammy Baldwin,” GOP spokesman Zimmerman said. 
From Governing: “Democrats are really at a loss for what kind of person would even be competitive against Scott Walker,” says Barry Burden, director of the Elections Research Center at the University of Wisconsin
From Upfront with Mike Gousha: As we noted recently on this program, more Democrats have said they won’t run for governor next year than have declared themselves candidates.
From the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Gronik confirmed that he personally funded the poll but declined to discuss its scope, cost or results. The two people who participated in the survey said it was conducted by an out-of-state firm that referred to state residents as “Wisconsinians,” not Wisconsinites.        
From the Wisconsin State Journal: Dane County Executive Joe Parisi said Tuesday he won’t run for governor in 2018, removing one of the most high-profile Democratic elected officials from the shortening list of Gov. Scott Walker’s potential challengers.
Madison Liberals:
From Media Trackers: If 2016 showed anything, it is that nothing is certain in politics until it happens. But the RPW’s new website illustrates just how ravaged the DPW is.  And it will likely be a theme Republicans ride all the way through 2018.
From WisPolitics: Those issues include: the party’s losses in 2016, Dem prospects declining to run for guv in 2018, Dems being unable to find a state Supreme Court candidate this spring and controversy over how U.S. Sen. Tammy Baldwin handled concerns at the Tomah VA. 
From an Editorial in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: What if, tomorrow, Wisconsin Democrats were handed power in Wisconsin? What would be the top priority? What would the roll-out look like? Do Wisconsin residents have any idea what Democratic control would mean for farmers, small business owners or families who need to put gas in the truck?
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