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Walker’s Bold Reforms Have Wisconsin Winning Big
[Madison, WI]— Governor Walker’s bold reforms have Wisconsin winning big. Meanwhile, the Democrats running for governor are in complete disarray, offering nothing more than the same failed policy ideas from yesterday as they look to challenge Wisconsin’s comeback.
“The list of flawed Democrat candidates for governor keeps growing – leaving Democrats in greater disarray than ever as they offer nothing more than attacks on Wisconsin’s comeback and broken policies that have already failed Wisconsin,” said Mark Morgan, Executive Director for the Republican Party of Wisconsin. “Thanks to the bold reforms of Governor Scott Walker, hard-working Wisconsin families are winning big.”
Democrats Opposing Bold Reforms, Big Wins
  • Despite saving taxpayers billions, all the Democrats running for governor favor rolling back Governor Walker’s Act 10 reforms.
  • Thanks to Governor Scott Walker’s leadership, Foxconn means tens of thousands of jobs for Wisconsin. Sadly, all the Democrats running for governor have opposed legislation in support of those good-paying, family-supporting jobs.
  • While Democrats are looking to empower liberal special interests, Governor Walker has returned power to the taxpayers, providing $8 billion in tax relief by 2018 while leading Wisconsin to become a top-ten state for business for the first time in history.
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