Contact: Alec Zimmerman
Madison, Wisconsin— Madison bureaucrat Tony Evers announced his campaign for governor today. Evers wants to run state government, but failed at running his own agency while heading the Department of Public Instruction – even allowing a teacher who spread pornographic material in school to keep his teaching license.
“If Madison bureaucrat Tony Evers wants to talk about his administrative experience, he must start by explaining why he failed to lead when children and families needed him most,” said Alec Zimmerman, spokesman for the Republican Party of Wisconsin. “While Governor Walker has fought for hard-working Wisconsin families and delivered results, Tony Evers has repeatedly failed to stand up — even allowing a teacher to remain in the classroom while spreading pornographic material in school.”
Tony Evers Failed to Lead
  • As State Superintendent of Schools, Evers allowed a middle-school teacher found guilty of spreading pornographic material at school to keep teaching students.
  • Evers’ Department of Public Instruction has a long history of allowing teachers with “immoral conduct” issues to continue teaching students.
  • Evers’ own department isn’t sure of the percentage of 2016 graduates who completed high school in 4 years. When asked, they responded “It could be up or it could be down, and we don’t know.”
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