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The Outside the Bubble Interview :

[BROOKFIELD, WISC…] Wisconsin radio talk show host Jay Weber says he hasn’t let the era of President Trump impact the way he does his show. The NewsTalk 1130 WISN morning talk show host tells Edge Messaging’s Brian Fraley he has always run his show by giving his honest take, and that hasn’t changed with who is in office.

“Some of the Trump supporters are fine and rational human beings who just want a change in DC,” said Weber. “Others you know, there’s an element that seem to be more like, worshippers, of the type we had with President Obama.”

On the latest episode of Outside the Bubble, Weber talks about the changing landscape of Wisconsin media, how he puts together one of the most popular talk shows in the state and what it’s like to be a conservative radio host in the age of Trump.

The veteran talker tells Outside the Bubble he welcomes hearing from dissenters.

“My directive to my producer has always been if someone wants to argue, put them at the top of the list,” said Weber. “You have five phone lines, put them at the top of the list.”

Jay Weber is a Wisconsin native and started his radio career as a reporter in Madison . He came to NewsTalk 1130 WISN in 1990 as a news anchor and reporter. Today he is host of the Jay Weber Show, airing weekday mornings from six to nine.

Edge Messaging President Brian Fraley is the host of Outside the Bubble, a new web-based public affairs show. Edge Messaging is a strategic communications and public relations consultancy with offices and production facilities in Brookfield.

To watch the latest episode featuring Jay Weber, follow this link:

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