State Supreme Court Justice Annette Ziegler may be unopposed this spring in her bid for a second 10-year term.

No one had registered to challenge Ziegler by the latest update from the Elections Commission, which was posted late Friday. The deadline to file candidacy and nomination papers, including a minimum of 2,000 signatures to run for the state Supreme Court, is 5 p.m. today.

Ziegler filed her signatures Dec. 22. The last Supreme Court justice to be unopposed for re-election was Pat Crooks in 2006.

Meanwhile, four people have filed a declaration of candidacy to challenge state Superintendent Tony Evers, while a fifth person has filed a campaign registration statement. The five are: Jeffrey Holmes, of Germantown; Rick Melcher, of Racine; Lowell Holtz, of Palmyra; Remberto Andres Gomez, of Tomah; and John Humphries, of Mount Horeb.

The primary would be Feb. 21 with the general election April 4.

See a list of candidates registered so far

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