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Adam Neylon: Wisconsin Jobs & Economy Chairman Neylon on tax cuts

Since 2013, I have had the honor of voting for legislation to cut taxes by millions for hardworking Wisconsin residents and businesses. These tax cuts are a major reason why Wisconsin has a 2.9 percent unemployment rate and our labor force is at an all-time of more than 3.1 million.

Arjun Sanga & Zach Halmstad: Tapping into the creativity of our students for the...

Contributions to the Wisconsin Idea across generations.

Bill Kaplan: Checks and balances, not impeachment

Only a Democratic-led Congress will stand up for regular folks, as well as provide checks and balances.
Paul Ryan

Bill Kaplan: Ryan, Dreamers and redemption

Some House Republicans and almost all Democrats have signed a “discharge petition” to bypass obstruction and force a vote on multiple immigration bills.

Bill Kaplan: Trump’s showmanship on Iran and North Korea

Like Nixon, the White House is seeking to distract voters and change the narrative.  As Watergate was reaching a crescendo, Nixon flew to the Soviet Union to toast the regime’s leaders and discuss arms control. Nixon achieved no arms control breakthrough.  Moreover, the dark cloud over Nixon did not dissipate, nor will it for Trump. Still, “Trump seizes chance to alter image” (Washington Post).

Bill Kaplan: Walker’s cruel, inconsistent health policies

Governor Walker’s cruel, inconsistent health policies show that he is trying to surpass Trump’s punitive lead.

Bill Kraus: Chasing the wrong squirrel?

Weak disclosure requirements could allow foreign powers to set up PACs or corporations to influence U.S. elections.

Bill Lueders: The ethics watchdog they want

Vindictive GOP lawmakers have made sure that campaign violations will be ignored

Brian Fraley: ‘Outside the Bubble’ interview with Charlie Sykes

Now a fixture on national news programs, including MSNBC, Sykes reflects on his first year away from his Milwaukee radio talk show and reacts to his numerous, and vocal, critics in an interview with Edge Messaging's Brian Fraley.

Bruce Murphy: About that deficit, Sen. Johnson

Debt was Ron Johnson’s obsession -- until he helped Trump create the biggest deficit in 75 years.

Bruce Murphy: Can Milwaukee solve its voter turnout problem?

In the age of Gov. Scott Walker, as Wisconsin has become one of the most politically polarized states in America, Democrats have no chance in statewide elections without a big turnout in Milwaukee and Madison. And the turnout has been far better in Madison and Dane County in recent years.

Bruce Murphy: CEOs paid 1,000 times more than average workers

Study finds local companies Manpower and Kohl's near the top of obscene U.S. pay gap.

Bruce Murphy: Lena Taylor against the world

Democratic state senator's press conference was a declaration of war — against everybody.

Bruce Murphy: Milwaukee Police video gets national attention

Cops confrontation with Buck’s player gets national headlines, raises troubling questions.

Bruce Murphy: Milwaukee’s racial gap in homeownership

Black/white homeownership gap is a dismal 40.7%. It’s even worse in 8 other cities.

Bruce Murphy: Pruitt ruling allows Foxconn pollution

EPA head overrules his staff to deliver victory for Walker, Trump and deadly pollution for Racine.

Bruce Murphy: The anti-roads governor

If you’re a disenchanted GOP supporter of Gov. Scott Walker looking to take some shots at him, the liberal Cap Times in Madison is the perfect venue. And so former transportation secretary Mark Gottlieb talked to reporter Katelyn Ferral and the Cap Times gave Gottlieb plenty of space to air his complaints.

Bruce Murphy: The silence of Sen. Ron Johnson

Johnson hasn’t offered a word of criticism of the president who created the nation’s worst long-term deficit situation in 75 years. But how can he, when Johnson is a co-creator of the problem?

Bruce Murphy: The silence of U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson

America’s leading deficit scold goes mute under Trump.

Bruce Murphy: Why Milwaukee’s St. Joseph’s Hospital is targeted

Seven men who run Ascension Health and make $40 million want to save money by slashing services at hospital.

Bruce Thompson: Is California the future?

The data about California may have political and economic lessons for Wisconsin.

Bruce Thompson: More ways Minnesota beats Wisconsin

Less people leaving state, more getting health insurance in Minnesota.

Bruce Thompson: Trickle up economics

The Great Recession’s huge impact on employment shows why trickle down doesn’t work.

Bruce Thompson: What’s wrong with Illinois?

Its economic problems stem from political gridlock over how to pay for its commitments.

Bruce Thompson: Yes, Minnesota beats Wisconsin

But is its better economic performance due to more liberal policies?

Carl Lindner: Coal is literally a dead end

Pollution from coal used at two Oak Creek power plants has long-term health consequences.

Casey Hoff: Attacks on defense lawyers because of their clients are wrong

The disturbing notion of blaming lawyers for the sins of their clients or whom the lawyers represent must end. To do so is a fundamentally un-American notion that runs contrary to our system of justice, fairness and due process.

Casey Hoff: Brad Schimel doesn’t believe in redemption

AG condemns award for rehabilitated lawyer and State Bar caves in to Schimel’s complaint.

Cathleen Trueba: UW respects open records law, balances transparency with privacy rights

Important information was left out of the guest column “UW loses big when it tries to keep secrets,” by USA Today Network-Wisconsin reporter Jonathan Anderson and UW-Milwaukee journalism professor David Pritchard.

Chris Rochester: Wheels have fallen off liberals’ ‘Minnesota Is Utopia’ argument

Ever since the two states parted ways sharply by their respective choices of governors in the 2010 elections, partisans have been claiming that Wisconsin lags progressive utopia Minnesota. But a deeper look at the data shows that Wisconsin does not trail Minnesota miserably as some would have you believe.

Chris Walker: A new low for Leah Vukmir?

GOP candidate for Senate smears Sen. Baldwin, branding her a “terrorist.”

Chris Walker: Doug La Follette should know better

It’s disconcerting to hear Secretary of State Doug La Follette, politically speaking the highest-ranking genetic heir of Wisconsin’s greatest governor, call a primary challenge against him a “nuisance.”

Christian Schneider: Combat isn’t synonymous with conservatism

Serving in the military isn’t “conservative” or “liberal” at all. Both Democrats and Republicans serve bravely and honorably, and neither ideology has a monopoly on claiming patriotism and bravery on the battlefield.

Christian Schneider: Despite the claims of Wisconsin Democrats, Scott Walker’s Act 10 is here...

Democrats would be wise to heed the lesson Republicans have learned — with unrealistic promises come unpredictable results.

Christian Schneider: Donald Trump’s America: A wild, wild country, indeed

Obviously, there are plenty of decent Trump supporters who merely oppose liberalism’s excesses and the urge to destroy ideological opponents is strong on the left as well. But there are some Trump supporters who will go to the mattresses to defend his dishonesty and narcissism.

Christian Schneider: Macaque’s day in court a loser for people

In the 9th circuit, animals are free to bring lawsuits.

Christian Schneider: Richard Uihlein, many others, place huge bets on unproven candidates like Nicholson

It is true that in the fall of 2018, it will be voters who pick their new senators and representatives. But it is also true that the candidates they have to choose from will be the byproduct of a primary process distorted by large donors who bet too big, too soon.

Christian Schneider: Supreme Court decision on unions gives Wisconsin liberals a dose of reality

The Supreme Court kept the traditional firewall between the Arbitration Act and the NLRA, allowing businesses like Epic to grow their workforces and the economy. It’s a decision even a liberal should love.

Christian Schneider: Wisconsin’s Democratic gubernatorial candidates are out of step on school choice

But now, promising to end school choice in Wisconsin has become to state Democrats what Donald’s Trump’s Mexican border wall became to Republicans — an impossible task that nonetheless allows a candidate to signal false bravado in order to pacify the party’s base.

Dave Cieslewicz: Supper club instructions for a flatlander

One of the more surreal aspects of Wisconsin's governor’s race is Madison Mayor Paul Soglin’s declaration that he’s going to run by visiting supper clubs around the state. Imagining Soglin in a supper club is like trying to conjure up Donald Trump in a library.

Dave Cieslewicz: Walker discovers sick deer

In an election year, the governor has called for things he should have been doing since he took office.

Dave Zweifel: 100 bucks per child ‘political catnip’ but poor public policy

It took them awhile, but the national media have finally noticed the Scott Walker-engineered $100 per-kid tax rebates that will be sent to about 671,000 families at a cost of $120 million a few weeks before the upcoming gubernatorial and legislative elections.

Dave Zweifel: Here’s hoping Illinois prevails in Foxconn suit

Pruitt and Walker, of course, are on the same page when it comes to environmental protections. Both of these Republican politicians believe that regulations to protect air, water and land are too strict and inhibit business development. The fewer regulations the better, is their mantra.

Dave Zweifel: Look west to Minnesota, Wisconsin voters

While Scott Walker and his Republican legislative colleagues are touting Wisconsin's economy in their bids for re-election this coming November, they were hit with yet another study that doesn't speak all that well for their tutelage these past eight years.

Dave Zweifel: Racing toward the bottom on the environment

Our state government has no interest in making Wisconsin a leader any longer. Racing toward the bottom is just fine.

Dave Zweifel: Scott Pruitt’s blazing a path of destruction through our air, land and...

Perhaps instead of agonizing over how Environmental Protection Agency Director Scott Pruitt is milking taxpayers to live high off the hog in luxury condos, use fancy limos and buy expensive office furniture, we ought to be paying more attention to how he's really abusing our country.

Dave Zweifel: Separating refugee kids and parents is the ultimate shame

The Department of Homeland Security reluctantly admitted following a recent New York Times story that it has separated mothers and children in about 700 refugee families.

Dave Zweifel: What Pence is peddling isn’t the whole truth

Vice President Mike Pence was in Wisconsin last week, raising money for Scott Walker and peddling snake oil about the new Republican tax law, which is on track to add $1.9 trillion to the national debt over the next decade.

Dave Zweifel: When it comes to big rigs, even bigger isn’t better

Congress is once again toying with the idea of opening the Interstate system to even longer and heavier tractor-trailer combinations.

David Blaska: Scott Walker, time to take over Milwaukee public schools

Taking over Milwaukee’s public schools would galvanize Republican and independent voters.

David D. Haynes: UW-Madison competing for former Google CEO’s cash in a bid to...

Can the University of Wisconsin-Madison discover innovative ways to boost the incomes of 10,000 people in Dane County over the next two years? It's a mighty big challenge, but it could pay off for both the people of Dane County and the university. And, possibly, for the rest of Wisconsin, too.

Dominique Paul Noth: How best to fling Walker’s childish bribe back in his face

An educator friend has the best idea of how to turn the tables on Walker. Families should take the $100 per child and give the money to their favorite local Democratic candidate to help turn the state’s education slump around and defeat Walker in the bargain.

Dominique Paul Noth: Some undertows beneath Wisconsin blue wave

Democrats should brim with sensibility when they discuss these issues – not assume that all Democrats of all generations are simpatico. When you want all to push together on the final road, you have to make roadblocks temporary and openness to variety essential.

Don Vruwink: Remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice

Memorial Day is much more than a three-day weekend or the start of the summer season. The holiday gives people a chance to reflect and show gratitude. Please take a moment to remember the men and women who served their country in the armed forces and gave their life in defending the ideals we cherish.

Ed Brooks: An honor and a privilege

How do you say good bye? It isn’t easy, but after ten years as your state representative, I’ve decided to step aside to focus my efforts on dealing with cancer, which has unfortunately returned after a period of remission. While I may be headed out to pasture (sorry, the farmer in me couldn’t resist), I do so knowing that Wisconsin is moving in the right direction, and that we’ve come a long way over the past decade.
Paul Ryan

Ed Rogers: Paul Ryan isn’t as weak as the media thinks

Ryan is popular within the GOP caucus. No one could defeat him if a vote was held today. The tally wouldn’t even be close.

Emily Jashinsky: Conservative young Wisconsin women defy stereotypes

They’re spurned for not fitting the liberal mold, but they stand strong.

Emily Jashinsky: Credit where due: Democratic Sen. Tammy Baldwin has powerful new ad on...

Though Baldwin's progressive politics might make her an ideological mismatch for the increasingly red state, the senator's campaign released an ad this month that's probably resonating with a lot of Wisconsin voters.

Emily Jashinsky: Here’s how Scott Walker is surfing the blue wave to re-election

For Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, the blue wave is both a credible threat and an effective campaign message.

Emily Mills: Epic’s epic fail

How a major Democratic donor betrayed liberal ideals in employment case.

Emily Mills: Has Joe McCarthy just met his match in Leah Vukmir?

Running in the Republican primary to serve in the seat once occupied by McCarthy, Wisconsin State Sen. Leah Vukmir recently took her campaign straight into the gutter with an attack on incumbent U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin that might have made Joe McCarthy proud.

Emily Mills: Walker: Look west to Minnesota for an economic model that actually works

The differences in outcomes have been stark: Minnesota has seen stronger job growth, faster wage growth, a shrinking gender wage gap, increased median household income, reductions in poverty, increased access to health insurance and stronger overall economic growth.

Eric Hovde: I choose Leah

Leah Vukmir has proven that she has the backbone and resolve to make a real difference in Wisconsin.

Fred Risser: Observing Memorial Day

Please, take a moment to practice a little patriotism this Memorial Day and remember those veterans who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our country.

Gregory Humphrey: Are Democrats who support Foxconn without a candidate for governor?

The constant scorn and ridicule against Foxconn by the candidates runs counter to what some voters consider to be the only shining example of leadership shown by Gov. Scott Walker.

Howard Kurtz: Media say Paul Ryan’s job in jeopardy as Republican warfare rages

No wonder Paul Ryan decided to bail. Here he is in his final stretch as House speaker, hoping to go out in a spirit of unity, and the press is filled with stories about whether his party will dump him prematurely.

Ian Robertson & Greg Piefer: How university innovations change the world

The University of Wisconsin produces some of the best engineers and most innovative research to be found. It is capable of solving major problems that have not only state and national impact, but worldwide impact as well. But it’s not enough just to come up with top technologies. The Wisconsin Idea guides us to ensure these technologies benefit the entire state.

James Bolen: Tourism grows – but we can do even better

Because we must never lose sight of our strengths, I am calling for an increase in tourism funding in the next state budget.

James Rowen: Eight bad rankings where state leads

Oh, but the state is a leader in recent state handouts, environmental exemptions, clean air and water disregard, etc.. Quite a record for Gov. Walker’s reelection campaign.

James Rowen: In Missouri governor’s scandal, a Wisconsin echo

Missouri is the "Show Me State," so, appropriately, it's demanding sunlight on allegations that dark money coordination was involved in the demise of its GOP Governor Eric Greitens.

James Rowen: Multiple groups challenge Lake Michigan diversion spurred by Foxconn deal

A group of civic and environmental groups in two states want the WI DNR to defend before a judge its decision to send millions of gallons of Lake Michigan water daily outside of the Great Lakes basin principally for the Foxconn project in Mount Pleasant, Racine County.

James Rowen: Pharmacies, ER/ICU facilities win big in latest Walker gray skies push

Last week it was the DNR's rushed approvals for four air pollution permits to allow Foxconn to emit annually 796 tons of eye-watering, land-and-water contaminating smog and other airborne pollutants. Today it's the US EPA approval at Walker's request to exempt much of SE Wisconsin from clean air standards that will apply to much of the state and country.

James Rowen: Walker gets the blame for poorly prepping Foxconn

No doubt Walker didn't urge Foxconn to study the Wisconsin Constitution before it began excavating on wetland-rich land to understand that water rights and access are so important here that they're embedded in the state constitution, according to information posed by the Walker-run DNR.

James Rowen: Walker gets Wisconsin ranked on lists to avoid

Walker is spending a lot of our money to lure workers here, and data show why: Wisconsin has landed on the 'moving-out' Top 10 list. For the record, Wisconsin was not on the 2017 list.

James Rowen: Walker’s lazy, loose ‘policy-making’ is fouling Wisconsin

There is more evidence that Wisconsin's obligation to protect the natural world needs a strong, principled revival.

James Wigderson: Barrett bows out

If the Democrats had a strong challenger to Governor Scott Walker, Barrett would never have considered entering the race to risk losing to Walker a third time.

James Wigderson: Can Nicholson go negative?

It’s probably not a good idea for Nicholson to go negative. Not only will Nicholson’s campaign face a backlash, but Nicholson runs the risk of hurting the party’s chances of winning the Senate seat and holding on to the governor’s office. Nicholson is probably smart enough to realize that even if the out-of-town talent surrounding him doesn’t.

James Wigderson: Does Nicholson’s military service mean he’s a conservative?

Former Sen. George McGovern, the great liberal candidate for president, was a B-24 Liberator pilot in World War II. When he signed the bottom line to join the military, does Nicholson think that was somehow an insult to President Franklin Delano Roosevelt?

James Wigderson: Mixing family and politics

This may shock people, but family members disagree from time to time.

James Wigderson: RightWisconsin Conversations: State treasurer candidate Travis Hartwig

Hartwig explains why he’s running despite voting against keeping the office.

James Wigderson: The Bryce and the brightest

Democrats have a problem. Since House Speaker Paul Ryan decided not to run for re-election, Wisconsin’s first congressional district should be something of a competitive election. However, it may not be, and that’s causing some Democrats buyer’s remorse.

James Wigderson: Us and them, and who we are

The insiders are the ones who are secretly keeping you down, and the insiders are making a profit off your misery. Apparently, you can take Nicholson out of the Democratic Party, but you can't take the progressive rhetoric out of Nicholson.

James Wigderson: Vukmir’s ‘Team Terrorists’ attack an irresponsible campaign blunder

Regardless of how one feels about Baldwin’s record, calling her pro-terrorist is irresponsible and will cause voters to tune Vukmir out should she be the Republican nominee for U.S. Senate in the November election.

James Wigderson: Why did Abrahamson make the announcement now?

Redistricting is the ultimate prize, and the Democrats will get the lines drawn the way they like by either controlling at least one chamber of the legislature or the state Supreme Court. That’s why Abrahamson’s seat is so important and that’s why Wisconsin’s Democrats want to plan for the day when Abrahamson can’t hold the seat any longer.

Jerry Huffman: The girl in the picture

The sepia tone gives the photo a sense of history. Three young people, teenagers really, leaning against a World War II truck bumper. All three look happy. Happy because the war had ended less than 24 hours earlier and that meant no one would die today.

Jim Maas: Wisconsin needs a ‘fix’

The Journal of Internal Medicine published two studies that conclude that medical marijuana laws have the potential to reduce opioid prescriptions.

John Nichols: Saints be with us! Paul Ryan just fired a priest

The speaker was scrambling last Friday to create the impression that he forced Conroy out not for reasons of politics but because members felt their “pastoral needs” were not being met.

John Nichols: Wisconsin Democrats must go bold

As Democrats gather in Oshkosh this week for a critical state party convention, the focus will be on a crowd of gubernatorial candidates who have, so far, failed to distinguish themselves. But if this convention is to matter they must expand their focus.

John Phelan: Wisconsin under Scott Walker beat Minnesota by many economic measures

Neither state — yet — is beating the other hands down over the last seven years.

John Torinus: Glimmers of hope vs. health care inflation

If you dig deep enough, it’s possible to discern some relief from the roaring inflation in health costs that is putting major hurt in the budgets of government at all levels, on businesses and on individual Americans.

John Torinus: UWO criminal charges miss the mark

The criminal charges filed by the Wisconsin attorney general’s office against the former chancellor and vice chancellor of UW–Oshkosh have the smell of prosecutorial overreach, scapegoating and missing of the mark.

Jon Erpenbach: Republicans resist net neutrality bill

Issue is critical to small businesses, who create most new jobs in the state.

Jon Peacock: Proposed farm bill will leave millions of kids and families hungry

Passage of the farm bill would cause an estimated 2 million Americans to lose food stamp benefits and threaten the health and well-being of Wisconsin’s children, families, and communities.

Jonathan Anderson & David Pritchard: UW loses big when it tries to keep secrets

When UW-Madison and UW-Milwaukee released records about sexual misconduct complaints to news organizations last month, they heavily redacted the documents and refused to identify numerous employees who were found to have committed wrongdoing. Should media outlets sue to challenge those redactions, history suggests they’ll have a good shot at prevailing.

Kara O’Connor: A quality Farm Bill is worth the wait

The House version of the Farm Bill weakens payment limitations and waters down the definition of "actively engaged in farming" to allow large corporate farms, and even distant relatives of farmers, to get more subsidies. Backtracking on reasonable farm program limitations not only adds to the cost of the Farm Bill, but also dials up the antipathy that taxpayers increasingly feel toward “farm” subsidies that don’t actually go to farmers.

Kathleen Vinehout: Attorney General scares local hemp farmer

The Wisconsin hemp law, Act 100, clearly states processing hemp is legal. But those who buy CBD oil seem to still be in a legal gray area.

Kathleen Vinehout: Audit reveals serious management issues at State Fair Park

Improvement must be made to resolve problems revealed by an audit conducted by the nonpartisan Legislative Audit Bureau.

Kathleen Vinehout: NAMI: Wisconsinites helping those affected by mental illness

The National Alliance on Mental Illness is the nation’s largest grassroots mental health organization helping to build better lives for those affected by mental illness.

Kathleen Vinehout: Sand mine spill exposes the consequences of poor regulation

Who truly pays for a poorly regulated industry? The simple answer is: we all do.

Kelda Roys: I have a plan to end pharmaceutical price gouging and protect patients

It’s time our government curbs the excesses and greed of the pharmaceutical industry, which have gone unchecked for far too long.

Ken Wysocky: Tax incremental financing: Valuable tool or crony capitalism?

Funding mechanism has become a gravy train for developers and distorts the free market, critics say.

Louis Fortis: Please don’t talk impeachment

Until it can be shown that Trump committed serious acts—such as colluding with a hostile foreign power to help him win the 2016 election—and moderate Republicans accept the evidence, impeachment and removal from office is just not going to happen. However, what will happen if people keep pushing for impeachment prematurely is that the president’s base will get more fired up and will work harder to keep the Republicans in control of Congress so they can continue to protect the president.

Louis Jacobson: Democrats poised to eat into GOP’s lead in state legislatures

Republicans can take some comfort that their state legislative dominance is unlikely to evaporate in a single election cycle.

Matt Rothschild: Crony capitalism of Walker, Hammes, Foxconn

Walker donor gets $100 million Foxconn project for which his company has no experience.

Michael Cummins: Time to toss Vos

The Republican Assembly speaker is unfit for office.

Michael Leon: How a wave of new voters could take out Scott Walker in...

Thanks to increased voter registration efforts, Democrats may be able to oust Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker this fall.

Mike Nichols: Clinging to an old picture

Suggesting changes to fire department practices isn’t an affront to heroes

Mitch Henck: Shootings will continue until schools are made safe

In "Two Minutes with Mitch," radio personality Mitch Henck gives his two cents after last week's deadly mass shooting at a Texas high school.

Mitch Henck: Where do we draw line on free speech?

In "Two Minutes with Mitch" radio personality Mitch Henck gives his two cents on free speech after a California university professor called Barbara Bush "an amazing racist" and cheered her death.

Owen Robinson: Progress in North Korea

We are closer to peace than we have been for three generations and the world has Trump to thank for that.

Patrick Testin: Have a safe and blessed Memorial Day

It’s important to enjoy the festivities, but it’s also our responsibility to set aside time for prayer or quiet contemplation to honor the brave men and women who served, but never came home.

Paul Fanlund: Don’t panic about the congested field running against Scott Walker

Hardly a conversation among Wisconsin progressives about politics these days happens without someone lamenting the jam-packed field of Democrats seeking the nomination to face Gov. Scott Walker this November.

Paul Fanlund: In a week of political stories, some matter, some don’t

It would be nice to say last week was anomalous. It wasn’t. But if more of us would focus attention on news that matters, well, that would be a good step.

Paul Fanlund: Michael Johnson says Madison needs to go big on racial equity

This week’s coverage of Michael Johnson’s new job running Cincinnati’s United Way was understandably effusive. After all, the CEO of the Boys & Girls Club of Dane County has had a huge impact here in eight years as an outspoken and entrepreneurial advocate for people of color.

Paul Fanlund: The epicenter of Trumpism is closer than you think

As we fume about the nightmare presidency of Donald Trump from inside Madison’s liberal bubble, it’s worth noting that the president’s most pivotal supporters are only about 100 miles to the southwest, not some far-away conservative bastion in Texas or Montana. And that same nearby region may well determine the duration of the Trump era.
Wisconsin State Capitol

Rep. Lisa Subeck, Rep. Jonathan Brostoff and Sen. LaTonya Johnson: Dems have plan to...

With more than 16,000 vacant personal care worker positions and demand for CNAs in Wisconsin projected to grow exponentially, the state has to take meaningful action to address the long-term care crisis. As this legislative session comes to a close, Democrats remain committed to supporting our nursing assistants and other personal care workers to ensure that qualified caregivers are there for you and your loved ones when you need them.

Rick Esenberg: Tax incremental financing is a recipe for abuse

The Legislature should fix the complex process that benefits developers and politicians at the expense of taxpayers.

Rick Graber: Beyond the Beltway, conservatives have much to applaud

Beyond the Beltway, there is much for conservatives to be optimistic about. People haven’t given up on the American experiment.

Robert N. Golden & Luther Olsen: Innovation for the public good: How the Wisconsin...

We are proud to have recently created a truly integrated academic health system, UW Health. As, respectively, dean of the School of Medicine and Public Health and a state senator on the UW Health Authority Board, we navigated a lengthy process of integrating our hospitals and clinics with our physicians’ group. UW Health is now a more seamless organization caring for patients across the full continuum of community-based primary care to highly technical, state-of-the-art specialized services.

Ryan Owens: Gordon Giampietro’s orthodox Catholicism, not legal acumen, is under attack in court...

In recent days, powerful interest groups have attacked Gordon Giampietro’s nomination to be a federal judge, largely because he holds orthodox Catholic views.

Sam Morateck: Hopes of Foxconn failure leads to Dem embarrassment

Democrats were quick to jump on a report Wednesday that Foxconn was backing away from its promised financial investment in Wisconsin. Too quick, it now appears.

Sarah Pearson & Peter Isely: Flynn’s proposal for victims does not do enough to...

Matt Flynn’s proposals to “help victims see justice” do not do enough to ensure civil cases can be brought to court.

Scott Walker: Together, we can keep Wisconsin moving forward

We have a plan to make Wisconsin one of the best states for millennials and for retirees and everyone in between. We call it “Wisconsin Wins the 21st Century.”

Sheila Harsdorf: Maintain focus on trade’s importance to agriculture

While it is important to modernize agreements, it is also important to keep our focus. Implications of negotiations and retaliation efforts impact all of us, whether we are in agriculture or just appreciate it.
Paul Ryan

Stephen Hayes: An interview with Speaker Paul Ryan

Stephen F. Hayes, editor in chief of The Weekly Standard, interviews House Speaker Paul Ryan at the TWS Midwest Conservative Summit in Milwaukee.

Steven Walters: A state MPS reform proposal

Again, Scott Walker joins a list of governors and others who’ve proposed reforms.

Steven Walters: Six questions for Democratic convention

Can the party revive in Wisconsin? That depends on these six questions.

Tom Loftus: Stevens Point students and reimagining the UW presidency

The Wisconsin Idea is not that you tell people in any corner of the state what is the right policy. You ask them. And, the "it's not my job" attitude of the UW president toward the turmoil at Stevens Point probably is the end of the type of presidency envisioned when the position was created.

Tom Still: Even in prosperous times, rural Wisconsin economy faces an uphill climb

The survival challenge for rural Wisconsin, which includes many municipalities of 5,000 or fewer people, is one of the state’s most vexing issues.

Tom Still: In building a workforce at Foxconn, “Wisconsin First” is watchword

For many who already call southeast Wisconsin home, commuting to northern Illinois for work is routine. So why not work closer to home if a comparable or better job is available?

Tonette Walker: Trauma-informed care: There’s a role for everyone

While our state agencies, county services, schools and non-profit organizations become trauma-informed, we need to bring TIC to businesses, neighborhoods, faith communities, and local governments. This will be our work until everyone in Wisconsin has a TIC shift in perspective.

Tony Evers: Walker tries to rig the system

He’s suing to slash my authority as state superintendent, and forcing me to use attorney hostile to my views.

Wendy Riemann: Givers gain: A key to a good network

If you, my dear reader, lost your job tomorrow, who in your network would actually help? Are you investing in them now so that they may invest in you?

WisOpinion Poll: U.S. Senate Republican primary

The Republican Party of Wisconsin's 2018 State Convention is May 11-13 in Milwaukee and the U.S. Senate primary election is August 14. If the primary election were held today, which Republican would you vote for?

WisOpinion.com: ‘The Insiders’ discuss Ryan’s political future

As House Speaker Paul Ryan faces increased criticism from his fractious House Republican caucus, the WisOpinion Insiders, Chvala and Jensen, look at Ryan's political future. Sponsored by the Wisconsin Counties Association and Michael Best Strategies.

WisOpinion.com: ‘The Insiders’ discuss the promise of federal infrastructure funding

The WisOpinion Insiders, Chvala and Jensen, take on the promise of federal infrastructure funding, just in time for summer road construction season. Sponsored by Michael Best Strategies and the Wisconsin Counties Association

WisOpinion.com: ‘The Insiders’ handicap the GOP U.S. Senate primary candidates

With the upcoming state Republican convention, the WisOpinion Insiders, Chvala and Jensen, handicap GOP U.S. Senate primary candidates Vukmir and Nicholson ahead of the party's endorsement vote. Sponsored by the Wisconsin Counties Association and Michael Best Strategies.

WisOpinion.com: ‘The Insiders’ analyze the 1st SD, 42nd AD ahead of the upcoming special...

Now that the primaries have set the field, the WisOpinion Insiders, Chvala and Jensen, analyze two legislative districts set for special elections in less than a month. Sponsored by Michael Best Strategies and the Wisconsin Counties Association.
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