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Local schools blindsided by “Jacque Shock”

MADISON — Rep. Andre Jacque, Republican candidate for state Senate District 1, was one of only two Republican lawmakers earlier this year to vote against a bill to increase sparsity aid funding for rural schools, providing an additional funding stream for rural public schools with low enrollment levels. The other ‘no’ vote was Rep. Adam Jarchow who, coincidentally, lost a special election earlier this year in Senate District 10.

“Rep. Jacque has become so out-of-touch with families in northeast Wisconsin that he voted against one of the only school funding bills even considered by the Legislature this year,” said Democratic Party of Wisconsin communications director Melanie Conklin. “Time and again, Rep. Jacque has disregarded the needs of his constituents in order to serve special interests, billionaires and Republican donors.”

Since 2011, Jacque has consistently opposed school funding measures in favor of large corporate giveaways and tax breaks for the wealthy. While he opposed $26 million in school funding under AB 835, he voted in favor of tax breaks for individuals earning over $1 million a year and supported the $4.5 billion cash payment to Foxconn – the largest state taxpayer funded giveaway to a foreign corporation in U.S. history.

Jacque’s votes over the past eight years have been out of touch with what Wisconsinites support — affordable and accessible health care, fully-funded public classrooms and a fair tax system. His unique brand of extremism has been met with frustration even by his own party.

“As public schools continue to be short changed by Republicans like Jacque, we need elected officials who stand up for Wisconsin’s children and invest in our classrooms,” added Conklin. “We must make sure every child in Wisconsin has access to a great public education, which we know is the best on-ramp to the middle class. Jacque’s vote against rural classrooms shows just how out-of-step with our Wisconsin values he really is.

“Wisconsinites know that strong schools lead to strong communities. It’s time to prioritize Wisconsin classrooms and elect a leader like Caleb Frostman who is committed to funding public education and expanding worker training opportunities.”

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