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Evers campaign: With Trump in Wisconsin today, Evers campaign launches new video “Own Words”


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Evers campaign: With Trump in Wisconsin today, Evers campaign launches new video “Own Words”
“Wisconsin Has Tremendous Problems…The Roads Are A Disaster” – President Trump

With President Trump in Wisconsin campaigning with Scott Walker today, the Evers campaign released a new web video “Own Words.” The video highlights some of President Trump’s sharpest insults lobbed at Scott Walker for his mismanagement of Wisconsin.

Back when they were primary opponents in the Fall of 2015, Trump slammed Walker for letting the state’s roads fall into disrepair, calling them “a disaster.”

Trump is just one of several prominent Republicans to call out Walker for neglecting the state’s infrastructure. Most notably, Walker’s former DOT Secretary Mark Gottlieb spoke out saying that Walker wasn’t being honest about the dire state of Wisconsin’s roadways. Wisconsin now ranks 44th nationally in road quality.

Watch the video here

“After eight years of Scott Walker putting the special interests first, Wisconsin’s roads have become some of the worst in the nation,” said campaign manager Maggie Gau. “Even Republicans like President Trump and former Walker DOT Secretary Mark Gottlieb have spoken out about Walker’s mismanagement of the state’s infrastructure. Trump’s comments are a perfect reminder that we need a leader like Tony Evers who can bring Democrats and Republicans together to find a sustainable, long-term solution to fix our roads.”

Focus on Tosa: Real cost of Wauwatosa schools referendum estimated to exceed $311 million


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Referendum Propaganda Fails to Inform Taxpayers about $114 Million Loss in State Aid

Wauwatosa, WI – The Wauwatosa school campaign to persuade voters to approve a $124.9 million school referendum – the second largest such request on the ballot in Wisconsin this

fall – could actually cost Wauwatosa taxpayers more than $300 million. If the referendum passes, it could be one of the five largest in Wisconsin in the last decade, as the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has noted.

According to figures released by Focus on Tosa Education, a volunteer group of concerned residents opposing the referendum, the campaign to push it forward is not being forthright about the total cost of the referendum. According to the Wauwatosa School District’s own documents from Robert Baird, bonding, interest costs, and loss of state school aid will cost Wauwatosa taxpayers an estimated $311 million in combined cost.

Bonding:  $124.9 million

Interest:          $71.7 million

Loss in state funding: $114.8 million (Negative Tertiary Funding)

TOTAL Cost to taxpayers: $311.4 million

Why a loss in state funding? The proposed referendum will increase spending within the Wauwatosa School District above state imposed limits (Negative Tertiary Funding). This overspending will cause a reduction in state aid to the Wauwatosa School District by an estimated $5.4 million per year or a $114.8 million loss in aid over the life of the referendum. Where will the $114.8 million reduction in state go? It will be redistributed to other school districts throughout the state.

The Wauwatosa School Board acknowledged that a referendum would lead to lost state aid, and as a result, would cost taxpayers more. In a letter to the Wisconsin State Association of School Boards, the Board stated that, “the 116 districts in the negative tertiary aid category currently lose state aid if they pass a referendum. As a result, a $10 million referendum for facilities improvements, for instance, could actually cost the local taxpayers much more than $10 million, thus creating a disincentive for voters to approve referendums.”

While these figures are troubling enough, the pro referendum propaganda has other misleading claims and misperceptions. For example, recent mailers only show a taxpayer’s price tag per year to minimize the actual cost. Even if the referendum were to only come in at $124.9 million, the average homeowner in Wauwatosa would end up paying $9,400 over the course of 20 years. For those whose homes are valued at $500,000, the cost would come to $18,800.

Finally, it’s often been cited in pro referendum literature that 73% of respondents in a recent survey support exploring a facilities referendum and that a majority support a referendum of at least $125 million. However, there were only 3,432 survey respondents in a population base of 46,396. About 10 percent of the respondents were outside the school district and 12% of the respondents were district employees.

Focus on Tosa Education believes that the current referendum does not take into account the significant concerns outlined here. While we believe that Wauwatosa schools are in need of improvement, we do not believe the solutions being offered in the referendum are the answer. We ask residents to vote no and, as the School District has offered, to re-engage the community to refine a plan.

Godlewski campaign: Announces endorsement by former State Treasurer Voight


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Godlewski campaign: Announces endorsement by former State Treasurer Voight

Madison — Sarah Godlewski’s campaign for Wisconsin State Treasurer announced today the endorsement of former State Treasurer Jack Voight.

Voight, a Republican, served as Treasurer from 1995 to 2007. “This particular election is not a matter of partisanship or political party; it’s about voting for the candidate best qualified to serve our state’s financial interests,” Voight wrote in his endorsement. “With her financial background and experience, [that candidate] is Sarah Godlewski.”

Prior to the election, Godlewski and Voight worked together on the bipartisan effort that defeated an attempt to remove the Office of the Treasurer from the Constitution by more than 60%.

Sarah Godlewski welcomed the endorsement this morning as another sign that her platform of fiscal accountability and transparency resonates across party lines. “I say on the campaign trail that this office shouldn’t be about red or blue — it’s about green,” said Godlewski. “Wisconsinites of every party agree that our state needs a fiscal watchdog to look out for taxpayers, hold politicians and special interests accountable, and prevent waste, fraud and mismanagement of our tax dollars.”

Grothman campaign: Dan Kohl supports government run health care, increased taxes on Wisconsinites


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  • Dan Kohl supports socialized medicine, also known as “universal health care.”  He’s quoted as saying “There are many paths to get to universal health care.”

  • In 2008, Dan Kohl supported and campaigned on Healthy Wisconsin, which would have cost taxpayers $15 billion.

Kohl said he believed Healthy Wisconsin should be the starting point for the Wisconsin legislature addressing health care. “I anticipate the legislature having a vigorous debate about the right mechanism to achieve full coverage, and believe that Healthy Wisconsin should be the starting point for that debate and for the action that the next legislature takes.” (Staff, “Dan Kohl: State Assembly,” Shepherd Express, 8/13/08)

Healthy Wisconsin would have been a state-run program that would have been funded by a new payroll tax on workers and their employers. “The major divides in Wisconsin were over how to pay for the program and what role the government should play. The measure, known as Healthy Wisconsin, passed in the Senate but eventually stalled over funding. The Healthy Wisconsin plan would have provided coverage for all residents of the state not already covered by another government plan, like Medicare. Those using the plan would participate in a health care pool, where they would choose from a number of plans. A government board would have served as the referee, choosing plans and establishing guidelines for coverage. The plan would have been financed by a payroll tax on workers and their employers, replacing premiums and other payments for private health insurance.” (Staff, “Wisconsin no stranger to health care debate,” CNN.com, 6/11/09)

  • Dan Kohl wouldn’t hesitate to raise taxes on Wisconsinites to pay for his radical health care plan.

“Healthy Wisconsin had an estimated $15 billion price tag, which would have been

paid by employers and workers.”(Steven Walters and Patrick Marley, “Democrats will try to

revive health plan,” Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 11/12/08)

  • Healthy Wisconsin was labeled the “biggest tax increase in state history.”

A June 2009 Green Bay Press-Gazette editorial said the Healthy Wisconsin plan would have been funded by “the biggest tax increase in state history.” “It sounded very much like the Healthy Wisconsin plan that was shot down during the 2007-2009 state budget talks, mainly because it would have been funded by the biggest tax increase in state history.” (Editorial, “Selling plan will take more than charm,” Green Bay Press-Gazette, 6/12/09)

Grothman, Kohl clash on health care, immigration, climate change in first debate


6th CD Dem Dan Kohl accused opponent Glenn Grothman of voting to effectively abolish protections for pre-existing conditions, while the Republican congressman denied the charge as the two candidates met for their first debate last night.

Kohl and Grothman both said they support providing protections for those with pre-existing conditions. The two also offered similar views on ways to lower the cost of health care.

Still, the candidates differed significantly on issues such as climate change and abortion rights.

Kohl’s charge against Grothman over protections for pre-existing conditions put the two in the throes of a health care debate affecting nearly every political race this cycle.

Specifically, Kohl last night charged Grothman, through his votes to repeal the Affordable Care Act, attempted to “effectively gut protections” for people with pre-existing conditions through a special provision Kohl said would remove limits on what insurance companies could charge those with pre-existing conditions.

“[Republicans] realize it was a political weakness for them, so they tried to cover their flanks when in fact they were voting to remove those kinds of protections,” Kohl said.

But Grothman refuted the charge, as his campaign has done throughout the fall. To clear the record, he read the text included in the repeal efforts, which he said prevented health insurers from limiting health care access for those with pre-existing conditions.

“I sat in there with Republicans [behind] closed doors before we came up with this. It was almost unanimously agreed that this provision had to be part of Obamacare repeal, and it was,” Grothman said.

Grothman said the free market is the best way to lower the cost of healthcare, specifically through association health plans. Both Grothman and Kohl also said they support reimportation of drugs to lower costs and allowing Medicare and Medicaid to negotiate drug prices with pharmaceutical companies.

On climate change, Grothman railed against imposing regulations to address rising global temperatures, calling them an unfair burden on manufacturers that wouldn’t bode well for his political prospects.

“You’re saying the congressman with more manufacturing jobs than anywhere else in the country is going to take the lead in putting Wisconsin manufacturers at a disadvantage compared to other places around the globe? I mean that’s ridiculous,” Grothman said.

He also criticized international agreements on climate change as unfair to Americans by arguing only the U.S., and not other countries would abide by any economically limiting restrictions imposed.

His comments come as a new report commissioned by the United Nations shows drastic measures must be taken in the next decade to thwart devastating global consequences of rising temperatures this century.

Kohl, however, said “climate change is real,” and said he’d be an advocate for renewable energy initiatives.

“This is one of the most urgent challenges of our century,” he said. “We need to heed the science.”

On other issues:


Grothman argued Roe v. Wade is not settled law, citing the number of states that still wish abortion were illegal.

“I think Planned Parenthood probably still hasn’t forgiven me for being the author of the 24-hour waiting period bill here in the state of Wisconsin,” Grothman said.

Kohl, on the other hand, said the court decision is settled law and should remain in place.

“These procedures are the most difficult, gut wrenching choices that families make, so I don’t think it is the role of government to interfere with those choices,” Kohl said.


Grothman called for securing the nation’s southern border with a wall and increased enforcement. He also said he supports a crackdown on illegal immigration to reduce the resources spent on on services for illegal immigrants.

Kohl agreed the nation needs a secure border, but argued for an immigration overhaul to address workforce needs.


Grothman said “some tariffs may be OK,” but balked at tariffs on steel and aluminum, which affect the state’s manufacturers.

Still, the Republican said he gives the president credit for attempting to address America’s trade imbalance with other countries.

Kohl, however, was more broadly opposed to tariffs, though he admitted the country does need to crack down on China.

The Democrat advocated for working with allies to address trade imbalances rather than resorting to proliferating trade wars.

See a WHBY Facebook video of the debate:

Gubernatorial debate 🗓


Helene Zelazo Center for the Performing Arts,
2419 E. Kenwood Blvd.,

The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee will host this Friday’s debate between Republican Gov. Scott Walker and Democratic challenger and state Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Evers.

The Oct. 26 debate will begin at 6 p.m. at the Helen Bader Concert Hall in the Helene Zelazo Center for the Performing Arts, 2419 E. Kenwood Blvd. It will air live on WUWM-FM and WTMJ-TV and will be simulcast on WGBA-TV (Green Bay).

WUWM’s Mitch Teich, executive producer of Lake Effect, along with Today’s TMJ4 news anchors Charles Benson and Shannon Sims, will moderate the debate.

Additional media partners include the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and USA Today Network.

The debate is a ticketed event and not open to the general public. Tickets are being distributed through the candidates’ campaigns and the event sponsors.

Members of the public can submit questions for the candidate by texting “DEBATE” and their questions to 414-269-6404.

Madison Mayor Soglin: Announces first sustainability program coordinator


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Madison Mayor Paul Soglin today announced the hiring of Stacie Reece to serve as the City’s first Sustainability Coordinator.

In this new position with the Engineering Division, Ms. Reece will work to develop Madison’s
sustainability programs and develop new initiatives to increase alternate and renewable resources, including electric, natural gas and fleet vehicles.

Ms. Reece said she is excited for the opportunity to implement Madison’s 100% Renewable Energy Zero Net Carbon Plan and expand existing sustainability programs such as the group solar buy to commercial property owners. “Through the work on the Sustainable Madison Committee, I’ve seen the impact of community conversations to move forward policy goals such as the 100% Renewable Energy Resolution. In this new position, I look forward to implementing the City of Madison’s sustainability initiatives through continued stakeholder engagement.”

Ms. Reece brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the position. She has worked in banking, legal billing and bookkeeping. However, it was a conversation with a coworker about compact fluorescent light bulbs that provided her with her own lightbulb moment: To return to school for sustainable management. With a bachelor’s degree from the University of Wisconsin, Ms. Reece served as the Director of Sustainable Business at Sustain Dane since 2014. She recently served as the Sustainability Coordinator for the City of Middleton and additionally served as a member of the Sustainable Madison Committee.

“The sustainability efforts through working with area businesses, nonprofits and municipalities has strengthened our community to become more resilient,” said Reece. “Whether you live, work or play in Madison, everyone is invited to get involved and share their vision for a more sustainable region.”

Ms. Reece’s first day with the City will be Monday, November 5th.

Madison Professional Police Officers Association: Endorse AG Schimel for re-election


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Madison Professional Police Officers Association: Endorse AG Schimel for re-election

(MADISON-Wis.) –The Madison Professional Police Officers’ Association (MPPOA) today announced its endorsement of Brad Schimel for re-election as Wisconsin’s Attorney General. The decision came after the MPPOA met with both candidates to garner their input on a range of issues affecting officer safety, officer wellness, and public safety in Madison and the state. MPPOA assessed the candidates on issues related to front line policing today and represents its members’ professional interests. The MPPOA joins the Wisconsin Professional Police Association (WPPA) and the wide range of state and local law enforcement groups and officials that have already signed on in support of Schimel.

“Both candidates are dedicated public servants and are qualified to lead the Department of Justice,” said MPPOA President Dan Frei. “But we believe that Brad Schimel’s experience and leadership with regard to the complex challenges facing our communities and the law enforcement professionals sworn to protect them will best promote both public safety and officer safety.”

“Our membership is particularly grateful for the attention Attorney General Schimel has paid to the issue of mental health commitments and for his ongoing efforts to make this process more efficient and effective for both officers and individuals in need,” continued Frei. “We were especially impressed by Schimel’s concern for the safety and privacy of officers following critical incidents, his recognition of the staffing challenges confronting our state’s district attorneys, and his continuing dedication to impartial, professional and efficient investigations of officer-involved deaths.”

The police union in Wisconsin’s capitol city, the MPPOA was first established in 1927. Today, it represents approximately 500 law enforcement professionals who serve the community as police officers, detectives, investigators and sergeants.

The MPPOA is a member of the Wisconsin Professional Police Association (WPPA), which with over 10,000 members from more than 300 local association affiliates statewide, is the state’s largest law enforcement group.

Neubauer campaign: Announces support from five dozen more judges


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More than 260 current and former judges now endorse Neubauer

RACINE, WI – Judge Lisa Neubauer, Chief Judge of the Wisconsin Court of Appeals, announced today that she has been endorsed by an additional 60 judges in the last 60 days. She now has earned the support of more than 260 current and former judges since she announced her campaign in mid-summer. Her entire list of endorsing judges can be found on her website, and includes 21 current and former members of the Wisconsin Court of Appeals.

Judge Neubauer reached this milestone of judicial support the same week that The National Judicial College released a survey where an overwhelming ninety percent of judges across the country who responded to the survey agreed that judicial independence is currently threatened.

“As I travel the state and talk to my colleagues on the bench, I hear the same thing: we need courts that are fair, impartial, and independent,” said Judge Neubauer. “We need to protect the independence of the court for the people of Wisconsin.”

“More than ever, our courts need leadership from people like Judge Neubauer who understand the importance of judicial integrity and independence,” said Judge Brian Blanchard of the Wisconsin Court of Appeals, “We need Judge Neubauer as our next justice on the Wisconsin Supreme Court.”

“Judge Neubauer has a ten-year track record of independence as a judge,” said Judge Kitty Brennan of the Wisconsin Court of Appeals. “I am proud to join hundreds of my colleagues from the bench in supporting Judge Neubauer’s efforts to bring that independence to our state’s highest court.”

After being appointed to the Court of Appeals, Judge Neubauer was elected in 2008 and re-elected in 2014, and has served as Chief Judge since 2015. She had almost two decades of experience as a litigation attorney at Foley & Lardner before joining the appellate court and also served as a law clerk for Judge Barbara Crabb, then-Chief Judge of the United States District Court, Western District of Wisconsin. Judge Neubauer lives in Racine with her husband, Jeff, and they are the proud parents of three children.

For more information on Judge Neubauer’s campaign, visit her website JudgeNeubauer.com or follow her on social media (facebook.com/judgeneubauer or @JudgeNeubauer).

New Greater Wisconsin TV ad says Walker ‘repaid’ wealthy special interests, donors who backed him


The Greater Wisconsin Political Fund is up with a new TV ad that charges Walker has “repaid” the wealthy special interests and donors who have supported him.

Greater Wisconsin said the ad is running in the Green Bay market.

The narrator opens the spot saying those special interests and donors have spent more than $160 million to “keep Walker in power.”

In return, he “slashed tax rates for the wealthy,” resulting in workers paying a rate 25 times higher than many company owners. The narrator adds Walker also gave $130,000 each to more than 1,000 millionaires, while raising taxes on Wisconsin seniors.

The ad then mentions Dem guv candidate Tony Evers, who the narrator says has a “plan to cut middle class taxes by 10 percent and protect small businesses and family farms.”

The narrator concludes the ad, “Tony Evers, working for us.”


NextGen Wisconsin: Statement on Scott Walker campaigning with Donald Trump

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or [email protected]
Today, Scott Walker will campaign with Donald Trump in central Wisconsin. Yesterday, Walker released a racist ad that stigmatized DACA recipients. In response, NextGen Wisconsin State Youth Director George Olufosoye made the following statement:

“Scott Walker has shown us where he stands, and it’s not with the young people of this state. While he runs racist TV ads, he campaigns with a President who demonizes immigrants and is actively working to gut health care coverage for million of Americans. Young people see right through Walker’s dog-whistle politics, and we’re ready to elect Tony Evers because he will put the values of our generation ahead of appeasing Donald Trump and his hateful agenda.”

One Wisconsin Now: ‘Ignore Trump, Go Vote’


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One Wisconsin Now: ‘Ignore Trump, Go Vote’
‘The Wave Only Happens If We Vote’

MADISON, Wis. — One Wisconsin Now today urged Wisconsinites outraged by the sexist, racist, outrageous policies and actions of Donald Trump and his cohorts like Scott Walker and Brad Schimel to do one thing today in response to Trump’s visit to the state — vote.

“We know Donald Trump, Scott Walker and their cohorts are racist. We know they’re sexist. We know they have a terrible record on just about every issue imaginable,” said One Wisconsin Now Program Director Analiese Eicher. “While there’s not much we can do about Trump coming to Wisconsin and having to hear whatever deplorable things he has to say being reported by the media, we can go vote and stop their agenda.”

Eicher noted that early voting is now available across the state and many municipalities are making ballots available after regular business hours and at satellite locations, not just the municipal clerk’s office.

One Wisconsin Now’s partner organization, One Wisconsin Institute was the lead plaintiff in a successful federal lawsuit overturning restrictions on early voting imposed by Scott Walker and Republican legislative majorities. The judge in the case found that the voting restrictions, “… intentionally discriminates on the basis of race. I reach this conclusion because I am persuaded that this law was specifically targeted to curtail voting in Milwaukee without any other legitimate purpose.”

Eicher concluded, “Donald Trump may be coming to try to rally Republicans, but he’s highlighting everything that has built the electoral blue wave the racists and sexists like Scott Walker and Donald Trump fear. But the wave only happens if we vote!”

Information on how and where to vote in Wisconsin can be found here.

Rep. Vruwink: Named property taxpayer champion


CONTACT: Rep. Don Vruwink


State Rep. Don Vruwink was named a 2018 Property Taxpayer Champion by Wisconsin Property Taxpayers Inc., today.

In announcing the honor, the organization cited Rep. Vruwink’s legislation to freeze property taxes for low-income elderly residents via an income tax cut; legislation to limit the managed forest land tax credit to in-state residents only; and working to reform a tax imposed on small business for the fixtures and equipment they use in daily operations.

“While my legislation did not move forward this past session, I intend to work with my colleagues in the majority party to advance these bills in the next session,” Vruwink said. “When I am out and about in the communities I represent, financial issues are one of the top concerns, including property taxes.”

“I am very concerned about state laws that tie the hands of local government to the point where it hinders our local officials from keeping property taxes down,” Vruwink said.

Wisconsin Property Taxpayers, Inc. represents the interests of commercial, agricultural and residential property taxpayers throughout the state, and currently has 18,000 business, farm and homeowner members.

In addition to doing research and policy analysis, the organization assists members in dealing with local property tax issues and questions related to assessments, property tax exemptions, and state laws.

Republican Attorneys General Association: Safe schools weeks begins with final grants


[email protected]

Wisconsin Attorney General Brad Schimel launched the state Department of Justice’s Safe Schools Week by attending a mental health training and awarding more safety grants. These second round of grants are for schools to improve mental health training of teachers and administrators. The Attorney General awarded the last $45 million in safety grants this week in one final round.

Here’s what you missed:

Wisconsin DOJAs part of Wisconsin Safe Schools Week, Attorney General Brad Schimel attended an adolescent mental health training in Madison today, and announced that the Wisconsin Department of Justice (DOJ) Office of School Safety (OSS) has completed awarding the second round of school safety grant funding. OSS will hold trainings for more than 500 law enforcement and educators across the state this week. OSS Advisory Committee will also hold its first meeting.

NBC 15Wisconsin Attorney General Brad Schimel announced on Monday afternoon that nearly 600 schools have received funds as part of a $100 million school safety grant … The announcement comes as schools in our state begin school safety week. The grant money will be used to improve mental health response, school safety and educator training. The Department of Justice said they plan to give mental health training to more than 5000 teachers by 2019. Schimel said $6 million in grant funding remains. This will be used to fund a series of resources statewide.

Channel 3000The Sun Prairie Area School District was awarded $463,308 in addition to the $300,000 given to them in the first round. The district said the money will go to multiple safety projects, including mental health and threat assessment training for staff as well as the addition of a visual buzz-in system at the school’s entrance so the office can see the person they’re allowing in.

Schimel campaign: Schimel scores big endorsement in heart of Dane County


Contact: Johnny Koremenos

Schimel campaign: Schimel scores big endorsement in heart of Dane County
Madison Professional Police Officers’ Association Joins Broad, Bipartisan Coalition Supporting Our Attorney General

[WAUKESHA COUNTY, Wis…] Madison’s police officers want Brad Schimel to continue leading the Wisconsin Department of Justice. Today, the Madison Professional Police Officers’ Association (MPPOA) announced their endorsement of our Attorney General Brad Schimel’s re-election campaign.

“We believe that Brad Schimel’s experience and leadership with regard to the complex challenges facing our communities and the law enforcement professionals sworn to protect them will best promote both public safety and officer safety,” said MPPOA President Dan Frei. “Our membership is particularly grateful for the attention Attorney General Schimel has paid to the issue of mental health commitments and for his ongoing efforts to make this process more efficient and effective for both officers and individuals in need. We were especially impressed by Schimel’s concern for the safety and privacy of officers following critical incidents, his recognition of the staffing challenges confronting our state’s district attorneys, and his continuing dedication to impartial, professional and efficient investigations of officer-involved deaths.”

MPPOA, Madison’s police union, was first established in 1927. Today, it represents approximately 500 law enforcement professionals who serve the community as police officers, detectives, investigators, and sergeants.

“The breadth and depth of Brad Schimel’s support is unprecedented and reflects the fact that Schimel prioritizes public safety over politics,” said Schimel Campaign Manager Johnny Koremenos. “The closer we get to Election Day, the more people reject Josh Kaul’s inexperience and shallowness.”

Brad Schimel became a prosecutor in the Waukesha County District Attorney’s office after serving as an intern there during law school. Throughout his nearly 25-year career in Waukesha, the largest portion of which was spent in the sensitive crimes unit, Brad Schimel earned a reputation as an aggressive and tough prosecutor, handling thousands of cases and more than 150 jury trials. Schimel’s caseload included elder abuse, human trafficking, homicide, sexual assault, drunk driving, internet crimes against children, public corruption, and one of the nation’s first sextortion cases.

Schimel faces activist Josh Kaul in the General Election. Whereas Brad Schimel has a nearly three decades long, distinguished career as a prosecutor in this state, Josh Kaul has never prosecuted a criminal case in Wisconsin. Not one, ever. Whereas Schimel has a broad, bipartisan coalition of Wisconsin supporters, Kaul is funded and supported by state and national partisan activists.

As Attorney General, Schimel has also prioritized preventing Internet crimes against children and violence against women. Under Schimel, Wisconsin is a national leader in the fight against human trafficking. Together with a coalition of Attorneys General from across the country, Brad Schimel has led numerous lawsuits challenging overreach by the federal government that would cripple the economy and hurt Wisconsin families.

Brad Schimel’s determined, yet compassionate, record on criminal justice has earned him the support of 64 of Wisconsin’s 72 sheriffs and 48 of Wisconsin’s 71 district attorneys, including 20 elected Democrats who appreciate the breadth, depth, and nonpartisan nature of the Republican Attorney General’s experience.

Brad and his wife, Sandi, raise their two daughters in Waukesha County where Brad previously served as a prosecutor since 1990, including eight years as the elected District Attorney. He was elected Wisconsin Attorney General in 2014.

For more information, visit bradschimel.com

Speaker Ryan: Landmark opiod legislation signed into law

AshLee StrongDoug Andres

WASHINGTON—Today, in an event noting the historic efforts of the administration and Congress in fighting the opioid epidemic, President Trump signed the SUPPORT for Patients and Communities Act. House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) issued this statement following the bill’s signature:  

“Following years of work, landmark legislation to fight the opioid crisis from all sides is now law. This marks a moment of hope.

“Opioids have wrested the livelihood from so many, but there are no lost causes. The legislation signed by the president today gives community leaders—the people doing this vital work day in and day out—more resources to help people get clean and stay clean. It helps stem the flow of opioids into communities by encouraging non-opioid prescriptions and helping law enforcement crack down on synthetic drugs like fentanyl. I am thankful to the many members who worked so hard to make this possible. With this legislation comes the idea that no matter how dark your struggle seems, there is help available to you.  

“We recognize that even with this important step, there is still more we can do. This is an opportunity to continue talking about this cause, to keep supporting each other, and to restore hope one life at a time.”

Learn more about Congress’ historic efforts:

House Republicans share stories of those affected by opioid addiction in their districts at the weekly leadership press conference.

Speaker Ryan meets with his 2018 State of the Union guest, Kyle Pucek of Janesville, Wisconsin, who overcame a heroin addiction and now helps others find support and treatment.

SPJ Madison annual holiday party and raffle 🗓


MADISON — The Madison chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists will hold its annual holiday party and raffle Thursday, Dec. 13 from 7-10 p.m.

All area journalists and journalism supporters are encouraged to attend the free event, held at the Argus Bar, 123 E. Main St. in Madison.

Please consider donating a raffle prize and bringing a dish to pass. Contact SPJ members Breann Schossow and Briana Reilly at [email protected] for details on donating.

The annual holiday party and raffle continues the tradition of SPJ Madison and local journalists raising money to advance journalism. In the past, the raffle has generated donations to the Tom Mulhern Scholarship for Sports Journalism at UW-Madison, Simpson Street Free Press, UW-Madison’s two student newspapers, and the Elliott Maraniss and David Maraniss Scholarship at UW-Madison.

Beneficiaries of the raffle’s proceeds will be announced later this month.

Tony Evers and Mandela Barnes to hold early vote rally with Vice President Joe Biden in Milwaukee 🗓


Contact: [email protected]
(608) 501-2762

Democratic nominee for governor Tony Evers and nominee for lieutenant governor Mandela Barnes will hold an early vote rally with former Vice President Joe Biden on Tuesday, October 30 in Milwaukee. Evers, Barnes, and Biden will offer remarks on the importance of voting early in this election and what’s at stake for Wisconsin families.

Members of the press planning to attend should RSVP to [email protected]. Media should arrive no later than 2:30 PM CT.

Attendees should RSVP at https://events.mobilizeamerica.io/dpw/event/80216/.

DOORS OPEN: 2 PM CT – Evers, Barnes, and Biden hold early vote rally

Laborers’ Local 113

6310 West Appleton Avenue

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 53210

Trump praises Vukmir, Walker in Mosinee rally

MOSINEE — President Trump lavished praise on Wisconsin’s Republican ticket at his stop at an airport in this central Wisconsin community Wednesday, arguing the November midterms represent a referendum on the rule of law, illegal immigration and the confirmation of U.S. Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

Trump slammed Dems for being categorically opposed to his agenda, and joined Scott Walker in knocking the guv’s Dem opponent Tony Evers as a tax-and-spend liberal.

“Tony wants to raise your income taxes substantially, wants to raise your gas taxes, raise your property taxes, raise all of your taxes,” Trump said, calling Evers “extreme.”

“And Tony Evers wants to get illegal aliens to flood into Wisconsin to get public benefits funded by you, the American taxpayer.”

Both Walker and GOP U.S. Senate candidate Leah Vukmir joined Trump on stage as they exchanged compliments, slammed opponents and urged the crowd to vote in November.

Trump said Vukmir was a “tireless fighter” for the people of the state and knocked U.S. Sen. Tammy Baldwin, D-Madison, for voting against tax cuts and supporting “deadly” sanctuary cities.

Trump called Walker a “good friend” and “tireless warrior,” touting efforts by the guv and the president’s administration to bring Taiwanese manufacturer Foxconn to southeastern Wisconsin.

“He’s a good man, folks, and he loves this state, he loves the people of this state,” Trump said to shouts of “four more years” from the crowd. “He’ll cut your taxes … improve your schools … bring down the cost of health care … and continue creating great paying jobs for the state of Wisconsin.”

While Trump praised both Republicans, he acknowledged they didn’t always have stellar relations.

“I don’t know if she liked me at the beginning, but she likes me now,” Trump said of Vukmir.

Business consultant and former Marine Kevin Nicholson, who lost the GOP nomination for U.S. Senate to Vukmir in August, ran an ad in their race that used footage of the state senator in March 2016 calling Trump “offensive to everyone.”

And of Walker, Trump admitted the Republican governor during the 2016 presidential primary was “tough, he could be nasty.”

Ahead of Wednesday’s rally, Evers’ campaign released a video that includes several digs Trump threw at Walker in the lead up to the 2016 presidential primary, including the former businessman saying Wisconsin was in “turmoil” and “the roads are a disaster because they don’t have any money to rebuild them.”

Trump hit on immigration several times in his speech, criticizing sanctuary cities and Democratic support for them and calling for a full U.S. border wall. He also touted Republican tax cuts.

“As we speak, the Democratic Party is openly encouraging caravan after caravan of illegal aliens to violate our laws. And it is a crisis,” Trump said.

He then called for the crowd to vote for Vukmir and Walker, the candidates who in his view will uphold the nation’s laws, borders and way of life.

Evers’ campaign fired back Walker “doubled down” on efforts to “gut protections” for those with pre-existing conditions by sharing a stage with Trump, saying the president supports a suit Walker backed seeking to overturn the Affordable Care Act.

“Wisconsin families simply cannot trust Scott Walker to protect their health care,” said Evers spokeswoman Britt Cudaback.

Trump, Walker and Vukmir all touched on health care, which has become a driving issue in the midterm elections. Trump said Republicans would continue to work to lower costs and going so far as to claim Democrats would “obliterate” Medicare.

Meanwhile, Walker repeated his campaign trail pledge to keep protections for pre-existing conditions while Vukmir promised to protect Medicare for seniors.

In light of Trump’s renegotiation of NAFTA, Walker exclaimed the president was “making dairy great again in America.”

“Unlike so many politicians in Washington in the past, this president never forgot his promise to the dairy farmers of the state of Wisconsin,” Walker shouted to a cheering crowd.

Walker and Vukmir also spoke before Trump’s arrival, along with House Speaker Paul Ryan and Congressman Sean Duffy.

Duffy warmed the crowd with attacks on Democrats, slamming them for raising taxes, weakening the military, allowing open borders and wanting to abolish Immigration and Customs Enforcement while a migrant caravan makes its way toward the U.S. southern border.

Vukmir spent much of her time praising Trump for keeping his promises, renegotiating trade deals and protecting Wisconsin farmers.

“Who will you trust to stand with President Donald Trump and help make America great?” Vukmir said. “Tammy Baldwin who campaigned with crooked Hillary Clinton? Or the gal who cut a radio ad for our president in October of 2016 and helped him get across the finish line?”

She also called out Baldwin several times for voting to increase taxes and failing to protect the nation’s borders.

“Who are you going to trust on immigration reform?” Vukmir continued. “Tammy Baldwin who supports open borders, sanctuary cities and abolishing ICE? How about trusting the daughter of Greek immigrants who understand we’re a nation of laws which must be upheld.”

For his part, Walker focused much of his time attacking Evers as someone who would raise taxes on farmers and hand out driver’s’ licenses to illegal immigrants.

He also touted his own record, claiming he’d saved Wisconsinites billions in taxes all while lowering health care premiums and protecting pre-existing conditions.

“In Wisconsin, we can protect people with pre-existing conditions without protecting the failure that is Obamacare in this state. We can do it, it’s simple,” Walker said.

Trump, whose rallies have been known for his fiery rhetoric, called on Americans to unite after bombs were sent to Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and other Dems.

“Any acts or threats of political violence are an attack on our democracy itself,” Trump said. “We want all sides to come together in peace and harmony, we can do it, it’ll happen.”

Trump also emphasized the media has a role in fostering better public discourse.

“The media also has a responsibility to set a civil tone and to stop the endless hostility and constant negative and often times false attacks in stories. They have to do it,” he said.

Trump took time several times to point out to the crowd that he was being “nice” in his remarks.

“Do you see how nice I’m behaving today? We’re all behaving very well, and hopefully we can keep it that way,” he said.

Ryan and Walker also called out the mailing of the bombs acts of terrorism.

“We need to let the world know every American stands up against terrorism in the United States of America. You mess with America, you mess with all of us,” Walker said.

U.S. Rep. Kind: Announces nearly $79,000 grant to Stevens Point Fire Department


Contact: Aaron White
[email protected]

Rep. Kind: Announces nearly $79,000 grant to Stevens Point Fire Department
Department of Homeland Security Grant will go to new life-saving extrication equipment

Stevens Point – On Tuesday, U.S. Rep. Ron Kind announced a $78,790 grant from the Department of Homeland Security’s Assistance to Firefighters Grant Program for the Stevens Point Fire Department. The grant funds will be used to purchase extrication equipment, which can be used in vehicular accidents.

“Our firefighters put their lives on the line every day to protect Wisconsinites. I am proud to announce that the Stevens Point Fire Department received this important grant before winter weather makes our roads more dangerous,” said Rep. Ron Kind. “This funding will help ensure Stevens Point and nearby communities have the tools and resources they need in emergency situations, and save lives of accident victims and firefighters alike.”

The Assistance to Firefighters Grants (AFG) are administered through the Department of Homeland Security’s Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) in cooperation with the U.S. Fire Administration. The grants enhance the safety of Wisconsin communities by providing financial assistance to eligible fire departments, State Fire Training Academies, and nonaffiliated Emergency Medical Services organizations.

U.S. Sen. Baldwin: Announces Beloit native major general Marcia Anderson to serve as ship sponsor of the USS Beloit


Contact: [email protected]


WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin today announced that Secretary of the Navy Richard Spencer has named retired U.S. Army Major General Marcia Anderson to be the sponsor of the future USS Beloit. General Anderson is a proud native of Beloit and in 2011 became the first African American woman to be promoted to Army Major General.

“General Anderson has done a great service to Wisconsin and to this nation with her extraordinary, trailblazing career in the U.S. military,” said Senator Baldwin. “I can think of no better person to serve as the sponsor of the future USS Beloit, supporting the ship’s launch and commissioning and building a special relationship with the ship’s crew. This is another exciting day for the city of Beloit and a recognition of the city’s commitment to strengthening our national security.”

“The opportunity to help the Navy recognize Beloit’s history and contributions to our National Defense is an honor and a privilege,” said Major General Marcia Anderson (U.S. Army, ret.). “Now, more people will know what those who call Beloit home already know – it represents America at its best.”

General Anderson retired from Army Reserve in 2016 after a 36 year career serving in multiple command and leadership positions, including as Deputy Chief, Army Reserve where she oversaw an $8 billion budget and more than 220,000 soldiers and civilians. An attorney by training, she has been employed by the United States courts for more than 25 years, and currently serves as Clerk of United States Bankruptcy Court for the Western District of Wisconsin, where she is responsible for two offices that manage and administer bankruptcy cases for 44 counties.

Earlier this month, Baldwin announced that the newest Freedom variant Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) will be named the USS Beloit to honor the City of Beloit for its contributions to the U.S. Navy and America’s national security. Senator Baldwin advocated for naming LCS 29 after the City of Beloit to recognize this community’s longstanding commitment to Wisconsin’s maritime economy and our nation’s defense. As a member of the Senate Appropriations Committee, Senator Baldwin has consistently worked to secure funding for the LCS program, including the future USS Beloit, which will be built at Fincantieri Marinette Marine shipyard.

An online version of this release is available here.

U.S. Sen. Baldwin: President Trump signs Senator Baldwin’s opiod crisi response reforms into law


Contact: [email protected]


 Prevent the flow of illegal fentanyl, opioids, and meth from other countries;  

Stronger support for local prevention, treatment and recovery efforts;  

More resources for growing meth problem in Wisconsin

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, President Trump signed into law a number of Senator Baldwin’s bipartisan reforms to combat the opioid crisis in Wisconsin.

As a member of the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions (HELP) Committee, Senator Baldwin authored key reforms included in bipartisan legislation which passed the Senate earlier this month.

Senator Baldwin worked to include provisions that will help prevent the flow of illegal fentanyl, opioids and methamphetamine from other countries; extend and expand investments in local prevention, treatment and recovery efforts; and provide more resources to combat the growing methamphetamine problem in Wisconsin.

“I’ve met with local health officials, law enforcement and those who have lost loved ones throughout Wisconsin, and it’s clear Washington must do more to be a stronger partner in supporting local prevention, treatment and recovery efforts,” said Senator Baldwin. “In Wisconsin, we have seen a spike in fentanyl overdose deaths and a growing problem of methamphetamine abuse in our state. That’s why I have worked to provide more resources and flexibility to help Wisconsin fight this epidemic, and to stop the flow of illicit drugs, like fentanyl, meth and illegal opioids, coming from other countries into America. These bipartisan reforms are an important step forward and will help provide Wisconsin the tools we need to save lives.”

Prevent the flow of illegal fentanyl, opioids, and meth from other countries

The Opioid Crisis Response Act of 2018 includes a bipartisan reform introduced by Senator Baldwin that would help stop the flow of illegal opioids, fentanyl, methamphetamine and other illicit drugs into the country through International Mail Facilities.

The Restricting Entrance and Strengthening the Requirements on Import Controls for Trafficking (RESTRICT) Illicit Drugs Act, introduced with Senator Bill Cassidy (R-LA), would give the FDA more tools to prevent illegal fentanyl, opioids and other illicit synthetic drugs from entering the country at the border through our International Mail Facilities.

Recently, communities across Wisconsin have seen dramatic increases in illicit fentanyl overdoses. According to the Milwaukee County Medical Examiner’s Office, in 2018, there have been 193 confirmed opioid-related overdose deaths and 117 confirmed fentanyl-related overdose deaths in Milwaukee County.

Stronger support for local prevention, treatment and recovery efforts

Earlier this year, Senator Baldwin led the effort to include an additional $1 billion in the FY2018 omnibus spending bill signed by President Trump for the Opioid State Targeted Response Grant program.

The Opioid Crisis Response Act of 2018 includes provisions from Baldwin’s Opioid Response Enhancement Act to expand and extend the Opioid State Targeted Response Grant program to provide states and tribal communities more resources for local prevention, treatment and recovery efforts. The grant program was established as part of the bipartisan 21st Century Cures Act that Senator Baldwin worked to pass in Congress.

More resources for growing meth problem in Wisconsin

Senator Baldwin has held roundtable dialogues across the state with law enforcement, first responders, health officials and community leaders where she has learned about the growing problem of methamphetamine abuse in Wisconsin.

In response, Senator Baldwin worked to include a reform in the Opioid Crisis Response Act of 2018 that would provide states with more flexibility in using federal funding so Wisconsin will be able to put it to work to address the growing meth problem in our state.

An online version of this release is available here.

U.S. Small Business Administration: Business recovery centers open for areas affected by flooding


U.S. Small Business Administration: Business recovery centers open for areas affected by flooding

The U.S. Small Business Administration has opened Business Recovery Centers (BRC) to help businesses in Wisconsin affected by severe storms and flooding from Aug. 17 through Sept. 14, 2018.

SBA representatives can provide information about disaster loans, answer questions and assist businesses in completing the SBA application. Two centers have been established and others are expected to open in the next several days. Follow @SBA_Wisconsin on Twitter for immediate updates–new openings will also be shared with media and state and local emergency contacts.

Dane County
SBA Wisconsin District – Madison
740 Regent St., Suite 100
Madison, WI 53715

Vernon County
(opens 10/25 at noon)
Basement Conference Room
318 Fairlane Drive
Viroqua, WI 54665

Hours for both locations:
Weekdays, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Closed: Saturdays and Sundays

The disaster declaration covers Crawford, Dane, Juneau, La Crosse, Monroe, Richland, Sauk and Vernon, Adams, Columbia, Dodge, Grant, Green, Iowa, Jackson, Jefferson, Rock, Trempealeau and Wood counties. Phone and online assistance is also available for those areas where centers have not yet opened.

Vice President Joe Biden to headline early vote rally with Wisconsin Democrats 🗓


Joe Biden to be joined by Tammy Baldwin, Tony Evers and Democratic candidates up-and-down the ballot

MADISON – On Tuesday, October 30th, Vice President Joe Biden will headline an early vote rally at University of Wisconsin—Madison.

The 47th Vice President of the United States will be joined by Tammy Baldwin, Tony Evers, Mandela Barnes and Democratic candidates up-and-down the ballot to encourage Wisconsinites to cast their early votes ahead of the November 6th election.

WHAT: Early Vote Rally with VP Joe Biden and Wisconsin Democrats

WHEN: Tuesday, October 30, 2018

WHERE: University of Wisconsin—Madison, Gordon Dining and Event Center, 770 W Dayton St, Madison, WI 53715

RSVP: Press RSVP to [email protected]
Attendees RSVP at TammyBaldwin.com/BidenEarlyVote

Walker campaign: Pat Walker talks about her son’s life of service


Contact: Austin Altenburg
[email protected]

Governor and Mom Discuss Humble Upbringing, Work to Deliver Results for Hardworking-Families

[Madison, Wis.] – The Walker campaign launched a new TV ad today with Scott Walker and his mom, Pat Walker, where they discuss family and the governor’s upbringing. While they did not have much, they were grateful for their blessings. The governor references his life of service, inspired by his parents, to help those in need.

Scott Walker’s reforms have helped working families across Wisconsin get a leg up. From record actual-dollar investment in our schools, to lower taxes for working families, to pledging that preexisting conditions will always be covered, and passing bipartisan reforms to bring down the cost of health insurance, he is fighting for Wisconsin. In his next term, the governor will continue to build on this success with new reforms that keep Wisconsin working for generations to come.

You can watch the ad, entitled “Good Job,” here or find excerpts below:

Pat Walker: We didn’t have a lot but we really had everything we needed. We had our faith, our family, and our friends. 

Gov. Walker: Mom and Dad taught us to look out for others, to stand up for what we believed in, and respect people, regardless of their beliefs. 

Pat Walker: We are really proud of the way Scott helps people around the state, like me who have suffered from cancer. 

Gov. Walker: My parents always said a life of service to others is a life well lived. 

Pat Walker: You are really doing a good job, Scott.

Gov. Walker: Thanks, Mom. 

The spot will run on TV as well as on a range of online and social media platforms.

Walker campaign: Walker’s real leadership and record of results earns support of farmers, small businesses, workers


Contact: Austin Altenburg
[email protected]

Walker campaign: Walker’s real leadership and record of results earns support of farmers, small businesses, workers

[Madison, Wis.] – As the November election countdown heads into single-digits, Wisconsin small businesses and agricultural leaders are announcing their support for Scott Walker’s record of results and leadership in sparking Wisconsin’s comeback – which has resulted in more jobs and higher wages for hard-working families.

At each event, Scott Walker discussed our record of real leadership in reducing both the tax burden on families and burdensome regulation on small businesses. The governor encouraged supporters to remain active during this campaign cycle to ensure that we keep Wisconsin working for generations to come on Election Day.

Check out what’s in the news:

From the Herald Times Reporter: “Gov. Scott Walker stopped by the Farm Wisconsin Discovery Center in Newton Thursday to accept endorsements from several agricultural organizations. Representatives from the Wisconsin Farm Bureau, the Dairy Business Association and the Wisconsin Corn Growers Association held the press conference Thursday.”

From the Appleton Post Crescent: “With two weeks to go before the Nov. 6 election, Gov. Scott Walker brought his re-election campaign through Appleton on Monday, accepting an endorsement from a construction trades group and pushing the idea of more apprenticeship programs in schools.”

From the Daily Reporter: “‘Thanks to Gov. Walker’s reforms, Wisconsin’s economy is extremely strong,’ said John Mielke, president of the ABC of Wisconsin. ‘By lowering taxes, enacting free-market labor laws and expanding worker training for family-sustaining jobs, Gov. Walker has our state moving in the right direction. Gov. Walker’s agenda for the next four years will continue the Wisconsin comeback and keep Wisconsin working for generations to come.’”

From WTAQ Radio: “On the topic of the state’s economy, the incumbent Republican Governor credited small business owners with expanding job opportunities in Wisconsin. ‘I just looked on Friday before heading into campaigning over the weekend and we had over 100,000 job openings on our state website,’ he says. ‘That’s just one site.’”

Walker campaign: Wisconsin Builders Association endorses Walker


Contact: Austin Altenburg
[email protected]

Walker campaign: Wisconsin Builders Association endorses Walker
Walker cut taxes for families and streamlined the permitting process for builders

[Madison, Wis.] – The Wisconsin Builders Association endorsed Scott Walker in his reelection bid, citing his commitment to keeping taxes low and his efforts to streamline the application and approval process for permits. The Wisconsin Builders Association and the governor have partnered together on several important initiatives including eliminating the state portion of the property tax and retaining the historic tax credit.

Thanks to Scott Walker’s reforms, unemployment has been at or below 3 percent for eight straight months, property taxes are lower today than in 2010, and Wisconsin eliminated the state portion of the property tax. Now, Scott Walker has a plan to continue reducing the tax burden on Wisconsin families to keep Wisconsin working for generations to come.

Statement from Steve Atkins, President of the Wisconsin Builders Association:

“Thanks to Gov. Walker’s reforms, property taxes are lower and our economy is booming. Ware proud to endorse Gov. Walker because of his record of reform and know that his agenda will keep Wisconsin working for generations to come. We look forward to working with him in the coming years to continue to make Wisconsin a great place to live and raise a family.”

Statement from Gov. Walker on the endorsement:

“Thank you to the Wisconsin Builders Association for this endorsement. Builders know the importance of lowering the tax burden on Wisconsin families, and that’s why we are proud that property taxes are lower now than they were in 2010 and we eliminated the state portion of the property tax. I look forward to continuing to work with the Wisconsin Builders Association to keep Wisconsin working for generations to come.”

Walker’s mom says he’s ‘really doing a good job’ in guv’s latest TV ad


Scott Walker’s latest TV ad features his mom telling the guv he’s “really doing a good job.”

The ad featuring Pat Walker comes two weeks after the guv’s father passed away.

In the spot, Pat Walker recounts not having a lot, but “everything we needed. We had our faith, our family, and our friends.”

Scott Walker adds, “Mom and Dad taught us to look out for others, to stand up for what we believed in, and to respect people, regardless of their beliefs.”

After his mom says “We’re really proud of the way Scott helps people around the state, like me, who have suffered from cancer.” Walker previously mentioned his mother’s cancer in a separate TV ad pushing back against the suggestion he’d allow insurance companies to deny coverage to those with pre-existing conditions.

The guv says his parents always said, “a life of service to others is a life well lived.”

Pat Walker then whispers, “You are really doing a good job, Scott.”

The guv whispers back, “Thanks, Mom.”

The campaign said the spot, Walker’s 32nd of his re-election bid, will run on TV as well as digital platforms.

WED AM Update: New Walker ad; Grothman, Kohl offer sharp contrast in 6th CD debate

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WED News Summary: Trump returns to WI’s ‘Trump Country’ Wed. night for key rally ahead of election


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WED PM Update: Dems knock Trump ahead of today’s visit; new ads in top races

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Wis. Humane Society: Halloween safety tips for pets 


Contact: Lori Nachtwey
(920) 469-3110 x119
[email protected]

Wis. Humane Society: Halloween safety tips for pets 

GREEN BAY – Halloween can be a lot of fun, but it may not be your pet’s favorite holiday.  In fact, it can be very frightening and even dangerous. The Wisconsin Humane Society Green Bay Campus recommends the following tips to keep your animals safe this Halloween.

  • Keep Halloween candy out of reach. According to the national Pet Poison Helpline, during the week of Halloween, calls to the helpline increase by 12 percent, making it the call center’s busiest time of year.  All candy is bad for your pets, but especially candy containing chocolate, xylitol, or raisins. Candy wrappers or sticks from lollipops can not only cause gastroenteritis but could also cause a gastrointestinal obstruction.  If you suspect that your pet has ingested Halloween candy, contact your veterinarian immediately.
  • Try to keep your pets in a quiet and safe place far away from the front door.  It may also help to turn on a TV or radio to block out strange noises and the doorbell. Kids in costumes can be scary for animals and your pet may become unexpectedly aggressive or fearful when they are normally very friendly.
  • Not all pets like to dress up. If you decide to try a Halloween costume, make sure your dog loves it. Your pet’s costume should not impair his vision or hearing or restrict his movement or breathing. Also, make sure there aren’t any small pieces on the costume that could be ingested.  Never leave your pet unsupervised in a costume.
  • If you carve pumpkins, be careful if you add a real candle. Pets can easily knock a lit pumpkin over and cause a fire. Curious kittens are especially at risk of getting burned by a candle.
  • Prevent door dashing. With the door constantly opening and closing, make sure your pets can’t easily escape.
  • For Halloween and the other 364 days a year: always make sure your pet has proper identification. If for any reason your pet escapes and becomes lost, a collar and tags and/or a microchip can save her life.  

Wisconsin Policy Forum viewpoint luncheon 🗓


Viewpoint Luncheon: Can the Private Sector Help Address Greater Milwaukee’s Infrastructure Woes?

Monday, Dec. 10
11:45 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.
Potawatomi Hotel and Casino | Milwaukee

The Wisconsin Policy Forum’s series of reports on local government infrastructure has pointed to vast repair and replacement needs that exceed the financial capacity of the region’s major governments to address them. What role might private sector financing play in addressing local governments’ capital needs? Would public-private partnerships work for big projects like a new criminal courthouse or the Domes, and what are the downsides? Can private philanthropy do more, or is the capacity of private donors already being drained?

Join the Wisconsin Policy Forum at a Viewpoint Luncheon that will explore the role the private sector might play in addressing local government infrastructure challenges.

We’ll begin by reviewing the findings of our recent infrastructure reports. Then, we’ll hear from a panel of subject matter experts:

Chris Abele, Milwaukee County Executive
Grady Crosby, VP Public Affairs & Chief Diversity Officer, Johnson Controls
Jodi Gibson, President & CEO, Zoological Society of Milwaukee
Charles Renner, Partner, Husch Blackwell

Moderated by David D. Haynes, Ideas Lab Editor, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Individual registration price: $40


Wisconsin Property Taxpayers: Rep. Stafsholt named property taxpayer champion


MADISON – Wisconsin Property Taxpayers, Inc. announced today that Rep. Rob Stafsholt (R-New Richmond) will be named a 2018 Property Taxpayer Champion in recognition of his work on behalf of the taxpayers of the state.

“Rep. Stafsholt has worked tirelessly on behalf of the people of Wisconsin to defend property rights, alleviate debt for students entering the Wisconsin workforce, and protect the state’s sporting heritage,” said John Jacobson, WPT’s government and member relations director. “Rep. Stafsholt’s farming and small business backgrounds also give him a unique insight into the challenges facing our rural communities today, and he has used that experience to the benefit of the entire state. We are very happy to name him a 2018 Property Taxpayer Champion.”

In the 2017-2018 legislative session, Rep. Stafsholt authored eminent domain reform provisions in the state budget, authored legislation to provide tax relief to students participating in apprenticeship programs, and legislation that expanded the state’s hunting mentorship program. He also voted to keep property taxes lower in 2018 than they were in 2010 and to eliminate the state-levied property tax, saving families $90 million annually.

“As a first term legislator I just did what I thought was right for the people I represent,” Stafsholt said. “I am honored that Wisconsin Property Taxpayers, Inc. would give me this award for my accomplishments.  I plan to continue to stand up for the taxpayers of Wisconsin next session. Thank you very much for this recognition.”

WisDems: Walker’s political decisions on badgerCare will cost lives


Contact: Alex Japko, [email protected]

WisDems: Walker’s political decisions on badgerCare will cost lives

Today, a new report published by the Center for American Progress shows that 342 Wisconsinites lives could be saved annually if BadgerCare was expanded in Wisconsin. The report details the dire health outcomes that resulted from politicians like Scott Walker who refused to expand access to health care to thousands in their state.

In Wisconsin’s case, Walker’s refusal to expand affordable BadgerCare coverage for tens of thousands of Wisconsinites, a decision he made while waging his failing run for President, is having real consequences. According to the report, Wisconsin could prevent hundreds of opioid related hospitalizations, increase early-stage cancer diagnoses, and reduce infant deaths. With all factors considered, an additional 176,000 Wisconsinites could be covered under BadgerCare and an estimated 342 lives could be saved annually.

Not only has Walker’s decision cost Wisconsin lives, Walker’s stance has cost the state over a billion dollars. Yesterday, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported that Walker’s decision to reject the federal money to expand health care has resulted in the state spending more money to cover fewer people. That $1.1 Billion is roughly equivalent to funding the UW system for a year or paying for the entire cost of linking the Marquette and Zoo Interchanges, and could be used to help fund our schools, fix our roads, or increase student aid.

Scott Walker’s assault on Wisconsinites’ health care is being waged on all fronts. Walker is still currently suing to undermine protections for people with pre-existing conditions.

“We already knew Scott Walker had an abysmal record on health care, but now we know his decisions are actually costing Wisconsinites their lives,” said DPW Spokesperson Alex Japko. “Walker put his personal political agenda ahead of the health of thousands of Wisconsin residents and the consequences have been tragic. Now, Walker wants to go even further and gut protections for people with pre-existing conditions. In less than two weeks, Wisconsin voters will hold Walker accountable for the damage he’s done.” 

WisDWD: Year over year unemployment rates decline or hold steady in all 12 Wisconsin metro areas For 59th consecutive month


CONTACT: DWD Communications, 608-266-2722
On the Web: http://dwd.wisconsin.gov/dwd/news.htm
On Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/WIWorkforce
On Twitter: @WIWorkforce

WisDWD: Year over year unemployment rates decline or hold steady in all 12 Wisconsin metro areas For 59th consecutive month

MADISON – The Department of Workforce Development (DWD) today released the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) estimates of unemployment and employment statistics for metro areas, major cities and counties in Wisconsin. The estimates include updates to August 2018 and preliminary estimates for September 2018. Unemployment rates are not seasonally adjusted. The estimates show:

  • Metropolitan Statistical Areas: Preliminary September 2018 unemployment rates declined in all 12 of Wisconsin’s metro areas over the year from September 2017 to September 2018. This marks the 59th consecutive month in which unemployment rates in the 12 Wisconsin MSAs have dropped or remained unchanged when compared to the same month in the prior year. The last month in which this trend did not occur was October 2013. The La Crosse-Onalaska MSA registered its record low unemployment rate for any month at 2.0 percent. The Janesville-Beloit MSA tied its record low unemployment rate for any month at 2.8 percent. Two other Wisconsin metro areas set or tied their lowest September unemployment rate on record.

  • Municipalities: Preliminary September 2018 unemployment rates declined or stayed the same in all 32 of Wisconsin’s largest cities over the year from September 2017 to September 2018. The largest declines were registered in Greenfield and Manitowoc (0.7 percentage points) and Superior, Sheboygan, Beloit and Racine (0.6 percentage points).  Five of Wisconsin’s largest cities, Beloit (3.2 percent), Fond du Lac (2.3 percent), Green Bay (2.6 percent), La Crosse (2.2 percent) and Manitowoc (2.8 percent) registered or tied all-time low unemployment rates for any month. Seventeen of Wisconsin’s 32 largest cities set or tied their lowest September unemployment rate on record.
  • Counties: Preliminary September 2018 unemployment rates declined from September 2017 to September 2018 in 71 of Wisconsin’s 72 counties, with 23 counties setting or tying their all-time record low unemployment rate for any month.

The release of September 2018 local rates follows last week’s release of BLS monthly statewide estimates which showed that Wisconsin maintained a seasonally adjusted unemployment rate of 3 percent or lower for the eighth consecutive month, setting another record. The data also showed that Wisconsin’s addition of 22,800 manufacturing jobs from September 2017 to September 2018 ranked 2nd nationally and was No. 1 in the Midwest.

Other highlights of those rankings included:

  • Wisconsin’s labor force participation rate of 68.6 percent was the seventh highest in the country.
  • Wisconsin’s historically low unemployment rate of 3 percent was tied for the 10th lowest in the nation.
  • Wisconsin ranked 15th nationally and 2nd in the Midwest in number of construction jobs added in the past year.

Other indicators of the state of Wisconsin’s economy include:

  • Initial UI claims ended 2017 at their lowest level in the last 30 years.
  • Continuing unemployment claims ended 2017 at their lowest level since 1973.
  • Moody’s Investor Service recently upgraded the state’s credit rating, noting that “(T)he stable outlook reflects the expectation that the state will experience moderate economic growth and will continue its prudent fiscal management practices.”

The data included in today’s release can be accessed on the Bureau of Labor Statistics website.

WisGOP: Brad Schimel’s school safety grants win praise from educators

Contact: Alec Zimmerman
(608) 257-4765
[Madison, WI]— After leading the way on $100 million of school safety funding, Brad Schimel’s efforts are delivering results. Educators appreciate Schimel’s work to fund school security improvements and mental health initiatives.
See the full op-ed from the Kenosha News here or find excerpts below.
Facing our children’s mental health needs head-on
Kenosha News
Kristi Koschkee
October 18, 2018
As a professional educator, second only to the mothers and fathers out there, I probably spend more time with our beautiful Wisconsin students than just about anyone.
As an AP English teacher, I see the strain and anxiety students carry on their shoulders as I support and guide them to be the best possible student as they can be. I’ve also witnessed first-hand how the care we show for their mental well-being pays dividends over their educational — and personal — journeys.
Troubled children, whether as a result of turbulent home lives or misdiagnosed afflictions, grow into troubled adolescents, teens and, finally, adults. The key to dealing with this sad, difficult problem is intervention, which is why the Wisconsin school community cannot be more thrilled with Attorney General Brad Schimel’s recent announcement that the second round of school safety grants will focus on mental health.
However, like the attorney general, I deal with solutions. Because frankly, though we face a tough situation, it is not an impossible one, and teachers can do a lot.
Recognizing our position, AG Schimel’s second round of school safety grant funding to Wisconsin public schools — approximately $48 million — will offer “advanced training for teachers on mental health issues,” and create “local teams of educators, counselors, and law enforcement (called school safety intervention teams, or ‘SSIT’). These intervention teams will assess threats and identify students in need of support.”
To qualify, schools need only to agree to send 10 percent of full-time teachers and counselors to Wisconsin Department of Justice-approved mental health training and establish and SSIT based on a model provided by the federal Secret Service. Moreover, building on the first round of grant funding, money is set aside to beefing up security infrastructure.
Put into practice, this training, I suspect, will work wonders. Teachers will feel supported, and, thanks to their newfound skill-set, support other educators in kind. As this intervention and prevention knowledge grows, we will find our school community more prepared and confident in their ability to deal with all sorts of mental health issues.
Finally, while emotions run hot in our current political environment, I still think it is important to sound some public support for AG Schimel’s initiative.
What is being offered only contributes to the benefit and safety of our school community and, most importantly, our children. To sit back and do nothing, waiting for another attack, does not align with who I am or should even be an option.
We Wisconsinites are a proactive, can-do people. We have been given a wonderful opportunity to tackle our children’s mental health issues head-on — let’s take it. So, thank you Brad Schimel for your leadership and commitment to our children!
See the full story from the Kenosha News here.

WisGOP: Wisconsin comeback providing the blueprint to Make America Great Again

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WisGOP: Wisconsin comeback providing the blueprint to Make America Great Again
President Trump visits Wisconsin to stump with Walker, Vukmir & WISGOP Team
[Madison, WI] — President Trump is making America great again – and Wisconsin is the perfect blueprint to help him do it. Thanks to reforms of Wisconsin Republicans like Scott Walker and Leah Vukmir, Wisconsin’s comeback is real. More people are working than ever before, our unemployment rate has been at or below 3% for eight months straight, and hard-working Wisconsin families are saving more of their hard-earned money thanks to tax relief. With President Trump bringing his latest MAGA rally to Wisconsin, the Republican Party of Wisconsin released the following statement from Chairman Brad Courtney:
“Scott Walker and Leah Vukmir helped spark Wisconsin’s comeback. Thanks to them, we’re moving Wisconsin forward. Now with a strong conservative in the White House, I know that President Trump will look to Wisconsin as the perfect example of what bold conservative reforms can accomplish. These last two weeks, we’re ready to do everything we can to re-elect Scott Walker and send Tammy Baldwin packing by electing Leah Vukmir. It’s time to take our Wisconsin way to Washington.”

WPT: Rep. Vruwink named property taxpayer champion


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WPT: Rep. Vruwink named property taxpayer champion

MADISON – Wisconsin Property Taxpayers, Inc. announced today that Rep. Don Vruwink (D-Milton) will be named a Property Taxpayer Champion for his work in the 2017-2018 legislative session.

“With thousands of farm members located in every corner of the state, our organization has been happy to work with Rep. Vruwink on issues impacting Wisconsin’s family farms and agriculture heritage. Since his inauguration in 2017, not only was he appointed to the Assembly Agriculture Committee, Rural Development Committee, and the important Dairy Task Force 2.0 but has been readily available to offer his input and expertise to our organization on a number of other rural issues,” said John Jacobson, WPT’s government and member relations director.

“Don has authored legislation that would provide property tax relief to elderly, low-income residents in rural areas, income tax relief to small businesses subjected to paying the outdated personal property tax, and authored legislation that would target property tax relief specifically to Wisconsin residents. We are extremely happy to name Don a Property Taxpayer Champion for 2018.”

In the 2017-2018 legislative session, Rep. Vruwink authored Assembly Bill 890, which created a $500 individual income tax deduction for low income residents in rural Wisconsin. He also authored Assembly Bill 896, which would have granted an income tax credit to small businesses equal to the amount of their personal property tax burden.

WPT thanks Rep. Vruwink for his efforts in the 2017-2018 session and looks forward to continuing to work together moving forward.

October 25, 2018 | October 23, 2018
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