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WASHINGTON—Today, in an event noting the historic efforts of the administration and Congress in fighting the opioid epidemic, President Trump signed the SUPPORT for Patients and Communities Act. House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) issued this statement following the bill’s signature:  

“Following years of work, landmark legislation to fight the opioid crisis from all sides is now law. This marks a moment of hope.

“Opioids have wrested the livelihood from so many, but there are no lost causes. The legislation signed by the president today gives community leaders—the people doing this vital work day in and day out—more resources to help people get clean and stay clean. It helps stem the flow of opioids into communities by encouraging non-opioid prescriptions and helping law enforcement crack down on synthetic drugs like fentanyl. I am thankful to the many members who worked so hard to make this possible. With this legislation comes the idea that no matter how dark your struggle seems, there is help available to you.  

“We recognize that even with this important step, there is still more we can do. This is an opportunity to continue talking about this cause, to keep supporting each other, and to restore hope one life at a time.”

Learn more about Congress’ historic efforts:

House Republicans share stories of those affected by opioid addiction in their districts at the weekly leadership press conference.

Speaker Ryan meets with his 2018 State of the Union guest, Kyle Pucek of Janesville, Wisconsin, who overcame a heroin addiction and now helps others find support and treatment.

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