Michael Screnock outraised Supreme Court rival Rebecca Dallet during the pre-election reporting period, in part, due to $133,514 he received from the state GOP through in-kind contributions, according to a check of their campaign finance reports.

That pushed the party’s total investment in Screnock’s campaign to $244,472 through March 19. He’s since received another $93,369, according to his late contribution reports. That pushes the the party’s overall outlay to $337,841.

Screnock received another $6,560 from county and congressional district chapters of the Republican Party during the pre-election period.

Dallet did not report any contributions from the state or local Dem parties.

For the period covering Feb. 6-March 19, Screnock, a Sauk County judge, reported $480,647 in receipts, $506,219 in expenses and had $64,641 cash on hand to close the period. He also reported $12,477 in incurred obligations.

For the same period, Dallet, a Milwaukee County judge, received $417,401, spent $253,697 and had $400,794 in the bank. She listed $281,000 in outstanding loans she has given her Supreme Court campaign and a past circuit court bid.

See a breakdown of their campaign finance filings in today’s AM Update.

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