Mount Pleasant homeowners currently fighting the village’s authority to take their property under eminent domain in pending lawsuits have received a 90 day notice to vacate their property. The Village of Mount Pleasant also notified them in a separate letter of immediate actions to beginning cutting down trees and removing vegetation – claiming the property already belongs to the village.

Copies of the notices and court filings are attached below.

Another Mount Pleasant landowner has filed a restraining order and injunction against the Village of Mount Pleasant in response to a Temporary Limited Easement and jurisdictional offer issued by the village in late August. A motion hearing in Racine County is scheduled for October 2, 2018.

See: Racine County Case Number 2018CV001542 Creuziger Farms, Inc. vs. Village of Mount Pleasant et al

Village officials have claimed multiple times in statements to the public they have negotiated all property purchases for the Foxconn development voluntarily. In reality, all land purchased by the Village of Mount Pleasant have been negotiated under threat of eminent domain. The aggressive legal actions taken by the village in recent days represent a clear violation of private property rights and the overreach of local government authority acting to benefit a private corporation.

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