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Today, A Stronger Wisconsin launched a new ad, “Daughter,” urging Wisconsinites to tell Governor Scott Walker to stand up for healthcare for people with preexisting conditions. A woman named Mary tells of her experience with breast cancer and wanting to be there for her daughter’s life milestones. If Walker succeeds in his efforts to allow companies to deny health coverage to people with preexisting conditions, Mary would not be able to afford her life-saving treatments.

This 30 second spot is part of a statewide television buy. A Stronger Wisconsin is a Democratic Governors Association backed issue-advocacy organization.

“If Scott Walker got his way, insurance companies would be able to deny coverage for people with preexisting conditions,” said A Stronger Wisconsin Spokesman Tom Russell. “Wisconsinites should tell Governor Walker to stand up for Wisconsin families and protect health care for people with preexisting conditions.”

The ad can be viewed here, and its transcript is below:

When I heard the words, “breast cancer,” the first thing I thought of was my daughter.

I want to be there when she graduates high school. See what she does with her life.

If Scott Walker takes away the protections for pre-existing conditions, I won’t be able to afford the treatments that are saving my life. It’s a matter of life and death for me.

Scott Walker just doesn’t seem to care about families like mine.

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