Today, A Stronger Wisconsin launched a new ad, “Time,” urging Wisconsinites to tell Governor Scott Walker that eight years of lousy healthcare, education, and roads is enough. This ad highlights that while Walker has had plenty of “Time” for politics, Wisconsin has faced crumbling roads, a historic teacher shortage, and climbing health care costs during his tenure in office.

This 30-second spot is part of a $1.8 million statewide buy. A Stronger Wisconsin is a Democratic Governors Association backed issue-advocacy organization.

“Under Governor Walker’s watch for the past eight years, Wisconsin’s roads, schools, and health care have fallen apart,” said A Stronger Wisconsin Spokesman Tom Russell. “That’s why Wisconsinites need to tell Governor Walker that eight years of his putting politics before people is enough.”

The ad can be viewed online here and its transcript is below:

You know what?  You don’t just wake up one day to 31,000 miles of broken roads or a teacher shortage so bad they call it “historic.”

And health care costs? They’ve been going up for years. 

Fixing things like this is a governor’s job.  

But while Scott Walker’s had plenty of time for politics, he’s let our roads, schools, and health care fall apart for eight long years.

And you can be sure, he’s not changing now.

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