Today, A Stronger Wisconsin launched a new ad, “Who,” urging Wisconsinites to tell Walker to stand up for them instead of putting his own political ambitions first. While Walker pursued his national ambitions and the White House, he cut education funding by $800 million. This contrasts with Tony Evers, a teacher who has dedicated his life to investing in the future for Wisconsin’s children.

This 30-second spot is part of a statewide television buy. A Stronger Wisconsin is a Democratic Governors Association backed issue-advocacy organization.

The ad can be viewed here, and its transcript is below:


“This is a politician. He cut our schools by eight hundred million dollars.

“Hurting their future… Because he thought it would help him run for president.


“This is a teacher. He spent twenty years in our schools.

“Then became the superintendent who fought Walker’s cuts and put our schools first. So who do you think will be really held our kids?

“The politician who put his ambition ahead of our schools or the teacher who’s dedicated his life to making them better?

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