Today, three years after Governor Scott Walker ended his failed presidential bid, A Stronger Wisconsin launched a new ad, “Year After Year,” urging Wisconsinites to tell Walker to stand up for them and lower their health care costs. Health care premiums have gone up in Wisconsin, but Governor Scott Walker put his personal politics first and rejected federal money that could have lowered those costs.

This 30-second spot is part of a statewide television buy. A Stronger Wisconsin is a Democratic Governors Association backed issue-advocacy organization.

The ad can be viewed here, and its transcript is below:

Narrator: Year after year, your health care premiums go up.

That’s the kind of thing you’d like a governor to fix.

But Scott Walker rejected a billion dollars in federal aid that could have lowered health care costs for thousands of families.

Because he thought taking the money would hurt his presidential campaign.

Your costs are through the roof…and he’s putting his politics first. That’s the real Scott Walker… And he’s sure not changing now.

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