The Democratic Governors’ Association is out with a new ad knocking Gov. Scott Walker on health care.

The 30-second spot from the DGA arm A Stronger Wisconsin begins with a shot of a woman in a clinic as the narrator says, “If he really wanted to help her, or him, or them, Scott Walker would have come up with a plan for health care that ends protections for anyone who’s ever been sick before.”

The screen flashes between the photo of the woman, then a man on a respirator and babies at a hospital, Walker and a patient conversing with a doctor as the narrator finishes his first sentence.

The screen then transitions to show a person entering an MRI machine on the left and a profile of Walker’s face on the right as the narrator continues to slam the guv.

“Under Walker’s plan, as long as the insurance company can call it a pre-existing condition, they can drop you right when you need them the most,” the narrator says.

The screen then shows footage of Walker with fans at a 2015 campaign rally.

“That’s what happens when you have a governor who puts his political ambitions ahead of everything else, including her, him and you,” the narrator says as photos of a woman and baby are shown.

The ad is running statewide and is part of a seven-figure buy, per DGA.

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