Unknown backers of Jen Adamski-Torres’ opponent for Racine’s 6th District Alderman are distributing literature to discredit Adamski-Torres’ years of public service and using a section of Wisconsin state statute to justify their anonymity.

“My opponent and I have different ideas about how to best serve the residents of 6th District and the entire city of Racine. I expect her to use literature drops to highlight her positions and record.” Adamski-Torres said. “But to find deliberately misleading literature funded by a nameless shadow group is outrageous. Frankly, I expected better. I call on my opponent to disavow this group, their message, and their tactics.”

Specifically, the group that produced the oversized flyer is violating Wisconsin State Statute 11.0601, which requires groups to register if they spend more than $2,500 in service of a campaign. The applicable language is listed below.

The literature blames Adamski-Torres and the Redevelopment Authority for projects that failed to launch and says that she has volunteers from out of town canvassing district neighborhoods.

In reality, during Adamski-Torres’ less than 2 years on the RDA, she has worked hard to remove barriers for local entrepreneurs to start and grow their businesses in Racine. She’s also committed to resolving the issues at Riverside Inn, something her opponent has failed to effectively address during her 17 years on the City Council. And, Adamski-Torres has welcomed volunteer support from primarily local friends and family.

Adamski-Torres rightfully points out that because the group distributing the flyers is unregistered, there really is no way to track whether or not they’re adhering to the rules.

“My campaign is operating in accordance with the law and within the spirit of the law to ensure a civil, open, and honest race,” she added. “That my opponent’s backers can’t do the same should be concerning to every resident in the 6th District and the entire city and should call into question who they are and what their real intentions are for our community.”

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