Local Addiction Treatment Facilities and Healthcare Providers Offer Lifesaving Help

Madison, WI, Aug. 20, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Addiction Policy Forum, a leading addiction nonprofit organization, has expanded its Addiction Resource Center (ARC) to include a database of treatment resources, facilities, and healthcare providers specific to Wisconsin residents.

In 2016, Wisconsin had more than 1,000 deaths from drug overdoses, and opioids accounted for 81 percent of those fatalities. As of August 14, the Milwaukee County Medical Examiner reported 168 confirmed overdose deaths to date in 2018. As families navigate resources for substance use disorder, the Addiction Resource Center (ARC) offers two ways to find lifesaving help; an online portal and confidential phone line.

“Wisconsin saw a 25 percent increase in overdose deaths in 2016. With resources added to the ARC database to help connect Wisconsin residents to local substance use disorder services, we hope to see these numbers decrease as more patients and families access the help they need,” said Jessica Hulsey Nickel, Addiction Policy Forum President and CEO.

The ARC includes a comprehensive, interactive website to help individuals and families struggling with addiction learn about substance use disorders and access critical resources. This platform dispels harmful myths about addiction by presenting the science behind the disease in easy-to-read formats, guiding concerned individuals through a self-assessment tool, helping to develop a proposed action plan and providing a database of local treatment providers.

The ARC also includes a resource line staffed by addiction counselors, licensed social workers, and peer recovery support advocates that provide callers with substance use disorder-related information, education on treatment options, and support. Wisconsin residents can call the line at 1-833-301-HELP (4357), Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST.

“We have experienced firsthand the impact addiction has on a family” said Michelle and Darrell Jaskulski, co-chairs of APF’s Wisconsin State Chapter. “Two of our sons struggled with substance use disorder for years but are currently in recovery — a tool like ARC would have been a tremendous help when we were looking for options. The availability of comprehensive resources can make it easier on families who are experiencing the toughest of times.”

Addiction Policy Forum, which has chapters in 28 states and a national office in Washington, D.C., plans to continue adding state-specific resources to its database throughout 2018. In addition to addressing addiction through community resources, APF is committed to affecting policy change at the local, state and national levels and raising awareness of the nationwide addiction crisis.

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